Best Hair Straightener for Your Hair Type

There are some commercial anti-grey hair products out there, though, bayliss miracurl uk containing vitamins, minerals and a Chinese herb Fo-Ti that are said to stop and reverse grey hair but the only evidence supporting the claims made by their manufacturers and marketers refers back to the old Chinese legend of an old villager, Mr He, from one thousand years ago. Vitamins B, namely PABA and folicacid,have been observed to stop greying in individuals with diets poor in vitamins B but they cannot help reverse grey hair in people suffering from chronic vitamin B deficiency, let alone in cases of genetically-determined grey hair. Therefore, at the moment the only available grey hair treatment option for premature and age-related grey hair is to cover it. There are two colouring options for covering grey hair, which include hair dyes and progressive hair colorants. Hair dyes can be temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent, depending on the durability of their colouring effects. The ability of the pigment molecules to penetrate into the hair shaft determines the stability of the hair colour.

If you have coloured, bleached, damaged or afro hair you will be able to have this applied and the results that you will see are amazing. This treatment will leave your hair poker straight, glossy and sleek. When you step out of the salon you will truly feel like a celebrity and your hair will have never looked so good! As the treatment isn’t permanent you will need to go back to have the treatment reapplied as your hair will return to how it was before when the treatment has run its course.What makes the Brazilian hair straightening system so good is the fact the product that is used is a mild chemical solution that is enriched with keratin. When this chemical is applied to your hair it sits on the cuticle but doesn’t penetrate into the cortex. This allows the keratin to work at it’s best and condition, moisturise and reconstruct your hair. Once the treatment has worked it’s magic the result you will see is shiny, soft and more manageable hair. Having the application applied to the hair will generally take one or two hours and the length of time that this treatment will last is anything up to about three months, after which the treatment will have gently been washed out.


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