change in the fickle impressions of the

out as a commander who wasto take precedence of every one on the spot. He was an officer of the royalhousehold, probably a favorite at court, and was selected for the difficulttask of reconciling all difficulties, and bringing the new colony into loyalallegiance to the crown. He sailed for San Domingo in the middle of July,1500, and arrived on the twenty-third of Aug cheap nike air max ust.
On hisarrival,he found that Columbus and his brother Bartholomewwere both absent from the city, being in fact engaged in nike air max 1 efforts to set whatmay be called the provinces in order. The young Diego Columbus wascommander in their absence. The morning after he arrived, Bobadillaattended mass, and then, with the people assembled around the door of thechurch, he directed that his commission should cheap nike air max trainers be read. He was toinvestigate the rebellion, he was to seize the persons of delinquents and nike air max punish them with rigor, and he was to command the Admiral to assist himin these duties.
He then bade Diego surrender to nike air max him certain prisoners, and orderedthat their accusers should appear before him. To this Diego replied that hisbrother held superior powers to any which Bobadilla could possess; heasked for a copy of the commission, which was declined, until Columbushimself should nike air max 95 arrive. Bobadilla then took the oath of office, and produced,for the first time, the order which has been described above, nike air max 90 orderingColumbus to deliver up all the royal property. He won the popular favorby reading an order which directed him to pay all arrears of wages due toall persons in the royal service.
But when he came before the fortr nike air max sale ess, he found that the commanderdeclined to surrender it. H nike air max 90 sale e said he held the fortress for the king by thecommand of the Admiral, and would not deliver it until he should arrive.
Bobadilla, however, „assailed the portal;“ that is to say, he broke open thegate. No one offered any opposition, and the commander and his first-lieutenant were taken prisoners. He went farther, taking up his residence inColumbus’s house, and seizing his papers. So soon as Columbus receivedaccount of Bobadilla’s arrival, he wrote to him in careful terms,welcoming him to the island. He cautioned him against precipitatemeasures, told him tha t he himself was on the point of going to Spain, and that he would soon leave him in command, with everything explained.
Bobadilla gave no answer to these letters; and when Columbus receivedfrom the sovereigns the letter of the twenty-sixth of May, he made nolonger any hesitation, but reported in person at the city of San Domingo.
He traveled without guar nike air max classic ds or retinue, but Bobadilla had made hostilepreparati nike air max 2013 ons, as if Columbus meant to come with military force. Columbuspreferred to show his own loyalty to the crown and to remove suspicion.
But no sooner did he arrive in the city than Bobadilla gave orders that heshould be put in irons and confined in the fortress. Up to this moment,Bobadilla had been sustained by the popular favor of those around him;but the indignity, of placing chains upon Columbus, seems to have made a cheap nike air max change in the fickle impressions of the

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