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e,“ he said, clearly lying. „They use rats to test for things that humans can catch, so it means we get thesame diseases, rats and humans. Besides, they wouldn’t use dogs if they thought it could hurt them.““Why not?““A dog is a mammal.““So’s a rat,“ Denise said.
„A rat is a vermin,“ Babette said.
„Mostly what a rat is,“ Heinrich said, „is a rodent.““It’s also a vermin.““Acockroach is a vermin,“Steffie said.
„A cockroach is an insect. You count the legs is how you know.““It’s also a vermin.““Does a cockroach get cancer? No,“ Denis nike air max 90 sale e said. „That must mean a rat is more like a human than it is like acockroach, even if they’re both vermins, since a rat and a human can get cancer nike air max but a cockroach can’t.““In other words,“ Heinrich said, „she’s saying that nike air max 2013 two things that are mammals have more in common than twothings that are only vermins.““Are you people telling me,“ Babette said, „that a rat is not only a vermin and a rodent but a mammal too?“Snow turned to sleet, sleet to rain.
We reached the point where the concrete barrier gives way to a twenty-yard stretch of landscaped median no higherthan a curbstone. But instead of a state trooper directi nike air max sale ng traffic into two extra lanes, we saw a Mylex-suited manwaving us away from the opening. Just beyond him was the scrap-metal burial mound of a Winnebago and asnowplow. The huge and tortured wreck emitted a wisp of rusty smoke. Brightly colored plastic utensils werescattered for some distance. There was no sign of victims or fresh blood, leading us to nike air max 1 believe that some time hadpassed since the recreational cheap nike air max trainers vehic cheap nike air max le mounted the plow, probably in a moment when opportunism seemed an easilydefensible failing, given the situation. It must have been the blinding snow that caused the driver to leap the medianwithout noting an object on the other side.
„I saw all t nike air max 95 his before,“ Steffie said.
„What do you mean?“ I said.
„This happened once before. Just like this. The man in the yellow suit and gas mask. The big wreck sitting in thesnow. It was totally and exactly like this. We were all here in the car. Rain made little holes in the snow. Everything.“It was Heinrich who’d told me that exposure to the chemical waste could cause a person to experience a sense of déj

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