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Give yourself up to it, Jack. Believe in it. They’ll insert you in a gleaming tube, irradiate your body with the basicstuff of the universe. Light, energy, dreams. God’s own goodness.““I don’t think I want to see any doctors for a while, Murray, thanks.““In that case you can always get around death by concentrating on the life beyond.““How do I do that?““It’s obvious.Read up onreincarnation, transmigration, hyperspace, the resurrection of the nike air max 90 dead and so on. Somegorgeous systems have evolved from these beliefs. Study them.““Do you believe in any of these things?““Millions of people have nike air max 90 sale believed for thousands of years. Throw in with them. Belief in a second birth, a second life,is practically universal. This must mean something.““But these gorgeous systems are all so different.““Pick one you like.““But you make it sound like a convenient fantasy, the worst kind of self-delusion.“Again he seemed to shrug. ‘Think of the great poetry, the music and dance and ritual that spr nike air max ing forth from ouraspiring to a life beyond death. Maybe these things are justification enough for our hopes and dreams, although Iwouldn’t say that to a dying man.“He poked me with an elbow. We walked toward the commercial part of town. Murray paused, raised one foot behindhim, reached back to knock some ashes from his pipe. Then he pocketed the thing expertly, inserting it bowl-first inhis corduroy jacket.
„Se cheap nike air max riously, you can find a nike air max sale great deal of long-range solace in the idea of an afterlife.““But don’t I have to nike air max 1 believe? Don’t I have to feel in my heart that there is something, genuinely, beyond this life, outthere, looming, in the dark?““What do you think the afterlife is, a body of facts just waiting to be uncovered? Do you think the U.S. Air Force issecretly gathering data on the afterlife and keeping it under wraps because we’re not mature enough to accept thefindings? The findings would cause panic? No. I’ll tell you what the afterlife is. It’s a sweet and t nike air max 2013 erribly touching idea.
You can take it or leave it. In the meantime what you have to do is survive an assassination attempt. That would be aninstant tonic. You would feel specially favored, you would grow in charisma.““You said earlier that death was making me grow nike air max in charisma. Besides, nike air max 95 who would want to kill me?“Once more he shrugged. Survive a train wreck in which a hundred die. Get thrown clear when your single-engineCessna crashes on a golf course after striking a power line in heavy rain just minutes after takeoff. It doesn’t have tobe assassination. The point is you’re standing at the edge of a smoldering ruin where others lie inert and twisted. Thiscan counteract the effect of any number of nebulous masses, at least for a time.“We window-shopped a while, then went into a shoe store. Murray looked at Weejüns, Wallabees, Hush Puppies. Wewandered out into the sun. Children in strollers squinted up at us, ap cheap nike air max trainers pearing to think we were something strange.
„Has your German helped?““I can’t say it has.““Has it ever helped?““I can’t say. I don’t know. Who knows these things?““What cheap nike air max have you been trying nike air max classic to do all these years?““Put myself under a spell, I guess.““Correct. Nothing to be ashamed of, Jack. It’s only your fear that makes you a ct this way.““Only my fear? Only my death?““We shouldn’t be

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