Columbus would not consent

of the caravel, Martin, was profoundly grieved by thesevere treatment to which the great navigator was subjected. He wouldgladly have taken off his irons, but Columbus would not consent. „I wascommanded by the king and queen,“ he said, „to submit to whateverBobadilla should order in their name. He has put these chains on me bytheir aut north face size chart hority. I will wear them until the kingandqueen bid me take themoff. I will preserve them afterwards as relics and memorials of the rewardo north face sale f my services.“ His son, F cheap north face jackets ernando, who tells this story, says that he did so,that they were always hanging in his cabinet, and that he asked that theymight be buried with him when he died.
From this north face expression of Fernando Columbus, there has arisen, whatMr. Harrisse calls, a „pure legend,“ that the chains were placed in thecoffin of Columbus. Mr. Harrisse shows good reason for thinking that thiswas not so. „Although disposed to believe that, in a moment of justindignation, Columbus expressed the wish that these tokens of the ingratitude of north face sale which he had been the victim should be buried, with him, Ido not believe that they were ever placed in his coffin.“It will thus be seen that north face arctic parka the third voyage added to the knowledge of thecivilized world the information which Columbus had gained regardingParia and the island of Trinidad. For other purposes of discovery, it wasfruitless.
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Columbus was right in insisting on wearing his chains. They becamerather an ornament than a disgrace. So soon as it was announced in Spainthat the great discoverer had been so treated by Bobadilla, a wave ofpopular indignation swept through the people and reached the court.
Ferdinand and Isabella, themselves, had never intended to give suchpowers to their favorite, that he should disgrace a man so much North face italia outlet – north face jackets hissuperior.
They instantly sent orders to Cadiz that Columbus shou north face ld be receivedwith all honor. So soon as he arrived he had been able to send, to DonaJuana de la Torre, a lady high in favor at court, a private letter, in which hemade a proud defense of himself. This letter is still preserved, and it is ofthe first inte north face gilet rest, as showing his own character, and as showing what werethe real hardships which he had undergone.
The Lady Juana read this letter to Isabella. Her own ind north face outlet ignation, whichprobably had been kindled by the general news that Columbus had beenchained, rose to the highest. She received him, therefore, when he arrivedat court, with all the more cordiality. Ferdinand was either obliged topretend to join with her in her indignation, or he had really felt distressedby the behavior of his subordinate.
The north face fleece y did not wait for any documents from Bobadilla. As has been said,they wrote cordially to Columbus; they also ordered that two thousandducats should

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