shrill accents of my pleadings

„You idiotic chit!“ said she in a great rage, „do you imagine men are such great dupes as to dole out alms to little girls such as you without requiring something fo north face sale r their money? Monsieur Dubourg’s north face behavior was far too gentle; in his place I should not have allowed you to leave without having had satisfaction from you. But since you do not care to profit from the aidIoffer you, north face fleece make your own arrangements as you please; you owe me money: pay it tomorrow; otherwise, it’s to jail.“

„Madame, have pity!“

„Yes, yes, pity; one need only have pity and one starves to death.“

„But what would you have me do ?“

„You must go back to Dubourg; you must appease him; you must bring home money to me; I will visit him, I will give him notice; if I am abl North face italia outlet – north face jackets e, I’ll repair the damage your stupidity has caused; I will convey your apologies, but keep it in mind, you had better improve your conduct.“

Ashamed, desperate, knowing not which way to turn, seeing myself savagely repulsed by everyone, I told Madame Desroches (that north face was my landlady’s name) that I had decided to do whatever had to be don north face outlet e to satisfy her. She went to the financier’s house and upon her return advised me that she had found him in a very irritable mood, that it had not been without a north face of the eiger n effort she had managed to incline him in my favor, that by dint of supplications she had at least persuaded him to see me again the following morning, but that I would have to keep a strict watch over my behavior, because, were I to take it into my head to disobey him again, he himself would see to it I was imprisoned forever.

All atre north face sale mble, I arrived; Dubourg was alone and in a state yet more indecent than on the previous day. Brutality, libertinage, all the characteristics of the debauchee glittered in his cunning glances.

„Thank Desroches,“ he said harshly, „for it is as a favor north face arctic parka to her I intend to show you an instant’s kindness; you must surely be aware how little you deserve it after your performance yesterday. Undress yourself and if you once again manifest the least resistance to my desires, two men, waiting for you in the next room, will conduct you t north face size chart o a place whence you will never emerge alive.“

„Oh cheap north face jackets Monsieur,“ say I, weeping, clutching the wicked man’s knees, „unbend, I beseech you; be so generous as to relieve me without requiring what would be so costly I should rather offer you my life than submit to it…. Yes, I prefer to die a thousand times over than violat north face gilet e the principles I received in my childhood…. Monsieur, Monsieur, constrain me not, I entreat you; can you conceive of gleaning happiness in the depths of tears and disgust? Dare you suspect pleasure where you see naugh t but loathing? No sooner shall you have consummated your crime than my despair will overwhelm you with remorse….“

But the infamies to which Dubourg abandoned himself prevented me from continuing; that I was able to have believed myself capable of touching a man who was already finding, in the very spectacle of my suffering, one further vehicle for his horrible passions! Would you believe it, Madame? becoming inflamed by the shrill accents of my pleadings, savoring them inhumanly, the

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