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other facet of cosmic reason. A zoom down Bright Angel Trail.
í turned to immediate north face of the eiger things. If I wanted to keep him out of the house, the thing to do was go outside. First 1 wouldlook in on the smaller children. I moved quietly through the rooms on bare white feet. I looked for a blanket to adjust,a toy to remove from a child’s warm grasp, feeling I’d wandered intoaTV moment. All was still and well. Wouldthey regard a parent’s death as just another form of divorce?
I looked in on Heinrich. He occupied the top left corner of the bed, his body tightly wound like the kind of trickdevice that uncoils abruptly when it’s touched. I stood in the doorway nodding.
I looked in on Babette. She was many levels down, a girl again, a figure running in a dream. I kissed her head,smelling the warm musty air north face that carried up from sleep. I spotted my copy of Mein Kampf in a pile of books andjournals. The radio cam cheap north face jackets e on. I hurried out of the room, fearing that some call-in voice, some stranger’s soul-lament,would be the last thing I heard in this world.
I went down to the kitchen. I looked through the window. He was there in the wicker armchair on the wet grass. Iopened the inner door and then the storm door. I went outside, the copy of Mein Kampf clutched to my stomach.
When the storm door banged shut, the man’s head jerked and his legs came uncrossed. He got to his feet and turnedin my direction. The sense of eerie and invincible stillness washed off, the aura of knowingness, the feeling heconveyed of an ancient and terrible secret. A second figure began to emerge from the numinous ruins of the first,began to assume effec north face gilet tive form, develop in the crisp light as a set of movements, lines and features, a contour, aliving perso north face fleece n whose distinctive physical traits seemed more and more familiar as I watched them come into existen North face italia outlet – north face jackets ce,a little amazed.
It was not Death that stood before me but only Vernon Dickey, my father-in-law.
„Was I asleep?“ he said.
„What are you doing out here?““Didn’t want to wake you folks.““Did we know you were coming?““I didn’t know it myself till yesterday afternoon. Drove straight through. Fourteen hours.““Babette will be happy to see you.““I just bet.“We went inside. I put the coffee pot on the stove. Vernon sat at the table in his north face battered denim jacket, playing with thelid of an old Zippo. He had north face sale the look of a ladies’ man in the crash-dive of his career. His silvery hair had a wan tingeto it, a yellowish di north face sale scolor, and he combed it back in a ducktail. He wore about four days’ stubble. His chronic coughhad tak north face outlet en on a jagged edge, an element of irresponsibility. Babette worried less about his condition than about thefact that he took such sardonic pleasure in his own hackings and spasms, as if there were something fatefullyattractive in this terrible noise. He still wore a garrison belt with a longhorn buckle.
„So what the hell. Here I am. Big deal.““What are you doing these days?““Shingling here, rustproofing there. I moonlight, except there’s nothing I’m moonlighting from. Moonlight is allthat’s out there.“I noticed his hands. Scarred, busted, notched, permanently seamed with grease and mud. He glan north face size chart ced around the north face arctic parka room, trying to

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