Doubtless it i`s cruel to have to

briefly, to employ the boldest scenes, the most extraordinary situations, the most dreadful maxims, the most energetic brush strokes, with the sole object of obtaining from all this one of the sublimest parables ever penned for human edification; now, such were, ’twill be allowed, to seek to reach one’s destination by a road not much traveled heretofore.
Have I succeeded, nike air max 1 Constance?Willa tear in thy eye determine my triumph? After having read Justine, wilt say: „Oh, how these renderings of crime make me proud of my love for Virtu nike air max 1 sale e! How sublime does it appear through tears! How ’tis embellished by misfortunes !“
Oh, Constance! may these words but escape thy lips, and my labors shall be crowned.
The very masterpiece of philosophy would be to develop the means Providence employs to arrive at the ends she designs for man, and from this construction to deduce nike air max 1 premium some rules of conduct acquainting this wretched two-footed individual with the manner wherein he must proceed along life’s thorny way, nike air max 1 leopard forewarned of the strange caprices of that fatality they denominate by twenty different titles, and all unavailingly, for it has not yet been scanned nor defined.
If, though full nike air max 1 black of respect for social conventions and never overstepping the bounds they draw round us, if, nonetheless, it should come to pass that we meet with nothing but brambles and briars, while the wicked tread upon flowers, will it not be reckoned – save by those in whom a fund of incoercible virtues renders deaf to these remarks-, will it not be decided that it is preferable to abandon oneself to the tide rather than to resist it? Will it not be felt that Virtue, however beautiful, becomes the worst of all attitudes when it is found too feeble to contend with Vice, and that, in an entirely corrupted age, the safest course is to follow along after the others? Somewhat better i nike air max 1 grey nformed, if one wishes, and cheap air max 1 abusing the knowledge they have acquired, will they not say, as did the angel Jesrad in nike air max 1 red Zadig’, that there is no evil where nike air max 1 ebay of some good is not born? and will they not declare, that this being the case, they can give themselves over to evil since, indeed, it is but one of the fashions of producing good? Will they not add, that it makes no difference to the general plan whether such-and-such a one is by preference good or bad, that if misery persecutes virtue and prosperity accompanies crime, those things being as one in Nature’s view, far better to join company with the wick cheap nike air max 1 ed who flourish, than to be counted amongst the virtuous who founder? Hence, it is important to anticipate those dangerous sophistries of a false philosophy; it is essential to show that through examples of afflicted virtue presented to a depraved spirit in which, however, there remain a few good principles, it is essential, I say,- to show that spirit Nike air max 1/90 pas cher femme homme – Belgium nike air max quite as surely r nike air max 1 estored to righteousness by these means as by portraying this virtuous career ornate with the most glittering honors and the most flattering rewards. Doubtless it i`s cruel to have to describe, on the one hand, a host of ills overwhelming a sweet-tem

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