of the regions which he discovered

renada at court. He did appear there on the seventeenth of December,attended by an honorable retinue, and in the proper costume of agentleman in favor with th nike air max 1 red e king and queen.
When the queen met him she was moved to tears, and Columbus,finding himself so kindly received, threw himself upon his knees. For some time he could not express himself except bytearsand sobs. Hissovereigns raised h nike air max 1 grey im from the ground and encouraged him by graciouswords. So soon as he recovered his self-possession he made such anaddress as he had occasion to make more than once in his life, and showedthe eloquence which is possible to a man of affairs. He could well boast ofhis loyalty to the Spanish crown; and he might well say that, whether hewere or were not experienced in government, he had been surrounded bysuch difficulties in administration as hardly any other man had had to gothrough. But really, it was hardly necessary that he should vindicatehimself.
The stupidity of his enemies, had injured their cau cheap air max 1 se more than anycarelessness of Columbus could have done. The sovereigns expressed theirindignation at Bobadilla’s proceedings, and, indeed, declared at once thathe sho nike air max 1 ebay uld be dismissed from command. They never took any nike air max 1 leopard public noticeof the charges which he had sent home; on the other hand, they receivedColumbus with dignity and favor, and assured him that he should bereinstated in all his privileges.
The time at which he arrived was, in a certain sense, favorable for hisfuture plans, so far as he had formed any. On the ot nike air max 1 black her hand, the conditionof affairs was wholly changed from what it was when he began his greatdiscoveries, and the changes were in some degree unfavorable. Vasco daGama had succeeded in the great enterprise by which he had doubled theCape of Good Hope, had arrived at the Indies by the route of the Indianocean, and his squadron had successfully returned.
This great adventure, with the commercial and other results whichwould certainly follow it, had quickened the mind of all Europe, as thediscovery by Columbus had Nike air max 1/90 pas cher femme homme – Belgium nike air max quickened it eight years before. So far, anyplan for the discoveries over which Columbus was always brooding,would be favorably received. But, on the other hand, in eight years sincethe first voyage, a large nike air max 1 sale body of skillful adventurers had cheap nike air max 1 entered upon thecareer which then no one chose to share with him. The Pinzon brotherswere among these; Ojeda, already known to the reader, was another; andVespucci, as the reader knows, an intelligent and wise student, hadengaged himself in such discoveries.
The rumors of the voyages of the Cabots, much farther north thanthose made by Columbus, had gone through all Europe. In a word,Columbus was now only one of several skilful pilots and voyagers, and hisplans were to be considered side by side with those which were comingforward almost every day, for new discoveries, either by nike air max 1 the eastern route,of which Vasco da Gama had shown the practicability, or by the westernroute, which Columbus himself had first essayed.
It is to be remembered, as well, that Columbus was now an old man,and, whatever were his successes as a discoverer, he had not succeeded asa commander. There might have been reasons for his failure; but failure isfailure, and men do not accord to an unsuccessful leader th nike air max 1 premium e honors whichthey are ready to give to a successful discoverer. When, therefore, heoff nike air max 1 ered his new plans at court, he should have been well aware that theycould not be received, as if he were the only one who could makesuggestions. Probably he was aware of this. He was also obliged, whetherhe would or would not, to give up the idea that he was to be thecommander of the regions which he discovered.
It had been easy enough to g

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