said I as I fled fro

est sensual pleasure.“

„Oh, Monsieur, in the light of such principles the miserable must therefore perish!“

„Does it matter? We have more subjects in France than are needed; given the mecha nike air max 1 sale nism’s elastic capacities for production, the State can easily afford to be burdened by fewer people.“

„But do you suppose children respect their fathers when they are thusdespisedby them ?“

„And what to a father is the love of the children who are a nuisance to him ?“
„Would it then have been better had they been strangled in the cradle ?“

„Certainly, cheap nike air max 1 such is the practice in numerous countries; it was the custom of the Greeks, it is the nike air max 1 leopard custom in China: there, the offspring of the poor are exposed, or are put to death. What is the good of letting those creatures live who, no longer able to count upon their parents’ aid either because they are without parents or because they are not wanted or recognized by them, henceforth are useful for nothing and simply weigh upon the State: that much surplus commodity, nike air max 1 red you see, and the market is glutted already; bastards, orphans, malformed infants should be condemned to death immediately they are pupped: the first and the second because, no longer having anyone who wishes or who is able to t cheap air max 1 ake care of them, they are mere dregs which one day can have nothing but an undesirable effect upon the society they contaminate; the others because they cannot be of any usefulness to it; the one and the other of these categor nike air max 1 ies are to society what are excres nike air max 1 grey cences to the flesh, battening upon the healthy members’ sap, degrading them, enfeebling them; or, if you prefer, they are like those vegetable parasites which, attaching themselves to sound plants, cause them to deteriorate by sucking up their nutritive juices. It’s a shocking outrage nike air max 1 premium , these alms destined to feed scum, these most luxuriously appointed houses they have the madness to construct quite as if the h nike air max 1 uman species were so rare, so precious one had to preserve it down to its last vile portion! But enough of politics whereof, my child, you are not likely to understand anything; why lament your fate? for it is in your power, and yours only, to remedy it.“

„Great Heavens! at the price of what!“

„At the price of an illusion, of something that has none but the value wherewith y nike air max 1 black our pride invests it. Well,“ continued this barbarian, getting to his feet and opening the door, „that is all I can do for you; consent to it, or deliver me from your presence; I have no fondness for beggars….“

My tears flowed fast, I was unable to check them; would you believe it, Madame? they irritated rather than melted this man. He shut the door and, seizing my dress at the shoulder, he said most brutally he was going to force from me what nike air max 1 ebay I would not accord him voluntarily. At this cruel moment my misery endowed me with courage; I freed myself from his grasp and rushed t Nike air max 1/90 pas cher femme homme – Belgium nike air max oward the door:
„Odious man,“ said I as I fled fro

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