the bag before he touches a thing

ife he finds satisfying. Put the gallonjugs in first, square off the six-packs, double-bag the heavy merch. He does it well, he nike air max 1 premium has the knack, he sees theitems arranged in the bag before he touches a thing. It’s like Zen, gramma. I snap out two bags, fit one inside the other.
Don’t bruise th cheap nike air max 1 e fruit, watch the eggs, put the ice cream in a freezer bag.Athousand people pass me every day but noone ever sees me. I like it, gramma, it’s totally un-threatening, it’s how I want to spend my life. And so they listensadly, loving him all the more, their faces pressed against the sleek Trimline, the white Princess in the bedroom, theplain brown Rotary in granddad’s panele nike air max 1 black d basement hideaway. The old gen cheap air max 1 tleman runs a hand through his thatch ofwhite hair, the woman holds her folded specs against her face. Clouds race across the westering moon, the seasonschange in somber montage, going deeper into winter stillness, a landscape of silence and ice. Y nike air max 1 grey our doctor knows the nike air max 1 sale symbols.
Chapter 37
The long walk started at noon. I didn’t know it would turn into a long walk. I thought it would be a miscellaneousmeditation, Murray and Jack, half an hour’s campus meander. But it became a major afte nike air max 1 rnoon, a serious loopingSocratic walk, with practical consequences.
I met Murray after his car crash seminar and we wandered along the fringes of the campus, past the cedar-shingledcondominiums set in the trees in their familiar defensive posture—a cluster of dwellings blending so well with t nike air max 1 ebay heenvironment that birds kept flying into t nike air max 1 leopard he plate-glass windows.
„You’re smoking a pipe,“ I said.
Murray smiled sneakily.
„It looks good. I like it. It works.“He lowered his eyes, smiling. The pipe had a long narrow stem and cubical bowl. It was pale brown and resembled ahighly di nike air max 1 red sciplined household implement, perhaps an Amish or S Nike air max 1/90 pas cher femme homme – Belgium nike air max haker antique. I wondered if he’d chosen it to matchhis somewhat severe chin whiskers. A tradition of stern virtue seemed to hover about his gestures and expressions.
„Why can’t we be intelligent about death?“ I said.
„It’s obvious.““It is?““Ivan Ilyich screamed for three days. nike air max 1 That’s about as intelligent as we get. Tolstoy himself struggled to understand.
He feared it terribly.““It’s almost

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