hide the check until she retu

„I’m not sure,“ I said.
„Aw, come on,“ he said and shou Cheap Air Max ted at Dad, „I’m going to take your girl upstairs.““Sure,“ Dad said. „Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.“ He pointe nike air max 90 d his pool cue at me. „Holler if you need me,“ he said and winked at me as if to say he knew I could take care of m nike air max sale yself, that this was just a part of my job.So, withDad’s blessing, I went upstairs. Inside the apartment, we pushed through a curtain made from strands of beer-can pull tabs l cheap nike air max inked together. Two men sat on a couch watching wrestling on television. When they saw me, they grinned wolfishly at Robbie, who put on the Roy Acuff record without turning down nike air max 90 sale the television. He pressed me to him and started dancing again, but I knew this was not going in a direction I wanted, and I resisted him. His hands dropped down. He squeezed my bottom, pushed me onto the bed, and began kissing me. „All right!“ one friend said, and the other yelled. „Get it on!““I’m not that kind of girl,“ I said, but he ignored me. Whe nike air max 1 n I tried rolling away, he pinned back my arms. Dad had said to holler if I needed him, but I didn’t want to scream. I was so angry at Dad that I couldn’t bear the idea of him rescuing me. Robbie, meanwhile, was saying something about me being too bony to screw.
„Yeah, most guys don’t like me,“ cheap nike air max trainers I said. „Besides being skinny, I got these scars.““Oh, sure,“ he said. But he paused.
I rolled off the bed, quickly unbuttoned my dress at the waist, and pulled it open to show him the scar on my right side. For all he knew, my entire torso was one giant mass of scar tissue. Robbie looked uncertainly at his friends. It was like seeing a gap in a fence.
„I think I hear Dad calling,“ I said, then made for the door.
* * *In the car, Dad took out the money he’d won and counted off forty dollars, which he passed to me.
„W Nike Air Max e make a good team,“ he said.
I felt like throwing the money at him, but we kids needed it, so I put the bills in my purse. W nike air max e hadn’t scammed Robbie, but we’d worked him in a way that felt downright sleazy, and I’d ended up in a tight spot. If Robbie had been set up by Dad, so had I.
„You upse Cheap Nike Air Max 1 t about something, Mountain Goat?“For a moment I considered not telling Dad. I was afraid there’d be bloodshed, since he was always going on about how he’d kill anyone who laid a finger on me nike air max classic . Then I decided I wanted to see the guy pummeled. „Dad, that creep attacked me when we were upstairs.““I’m sure he just pawed you some,“ Dad said as we pulled out of the parking lot. „I knew you could handle yourself.“The road back to Welch was dark and empty. The wind whistled through the broken window on my side of the Plymouth. Dad lit a cigarette. „It was like that time I threw you into the sulfur spring to teach you to swim,“ he said. „You might have been convinced you were going to drown, but I knew you’d do just fine.“THE NEXT EVENING Dad disappeared. After a couple of days, he wanted me to go out with him again to some bar cheap nike air max , but I said no. Dad got ticked off and said that if I wasn’t going to team up with him, nike air max 95 the least I could do was stake him some pool-shooting money. I found myself forking over a twenty, and then another in a few days.
Mom had told me to expect a check in early July for the lease on her Texas land. She also warned me that Dad would try to get his hands on it. Dad actually waited at the foot of the hill for the mailman and took it from him on the day it arrived, but when the mailman told me what had happened, I ran down Little Hobart Street and caught Dad before he got into town. I told him Mom had wanted me to hide the check until she retu

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