It seemed to

Soon there was a smell of acrid matter. It could have been insulation nike air max burning—polystyrene sheathing for pipes andwires— or one or more of a dozen other substances. A sharp and bitter stink filled the air, overpow nike air max classic ering the odor ofsmoke and charred stone. It changed the mood of the people on the sidewalk. Some put hankies to their faces, othersleft abruptly indisgust. Whatever caused the odor, I sensed that it made people feel betrayed. An ancient, spaciousand terrible drama was being compromised by something unnatural, some small and nasty intrusion. Our eyes beganto burn. The crowd broke up. It was as though we’d been forced to recognize the existence of a second kind of death.
One was real, the other synthetic. The odor drove us away but beneath it and far worse Cheap Air Max was the sense that death cametwo ways, sometimes at once, and how death entered your mouth and nose, how death smelled, could nike air max 1 somehowmake a difference to your soul.
We hurried to our cars, thinking of the homeless, the mad, the dead, but also of ourselves now. This is what the odorof that bur Nike Air Max ning material did. It complicated our sadness, brought us closer to the secret of our own eventual end.
At home I fixed warm milk for us both. I was surprised to see him drink it. He gripped the mug with both hands,talked about the noise of the conflagration, the air-fed wallop of combustion, like a ramjet thrusting. I almostexpected him to thank me for the nice fire. We sat there drinking our milk. After a while he went into his closet tochin.
I sat up late thinking of Mr. Gray. Gray-bodied, staticky, unfinished. The pictur nike air max 90 e wobbled and rolled, the edges of hisbody flared with random distortion. Lately I’d found myself thinking of him often. Sometim nike air max 90 sale es as Mr. Gray thecomposite. Four or more grayish figures engaged in a pioneering work. Scientists, visionaries. Their wavy bodiespassing through each other, mingling, blending, fusing. A little like extraterrestrials. Smart cheap nike air max trainers er than the rest of us,selfless, sexless, determined to engineer us out of our fear. But when the bodies fused 1 was left with a single figure,the project manager, a hazy gray seducer moving in ripples across a motel room. Bedward, plotward. I saw my wifereclining on her side, voluptuously rounded, the eternal waiting nude. I saw her as he did. Dependent, submissive,emotionally captive. I felt his mastery and control. The dominance of his postion. He was taking over my mind, thisman I’d never seen, this half image, the barest smidge of brainlight. His bleak hands enfolded a rose-white breast.
How vivid and living it was, what a tactile delight, dusted with russet freckles about the tip. I experienced auraltorment. Heard them in their purling foreplay, the love babble and buzzing flesh. Heard the sloppings and smackings,the swash of wet mouths, bedsprings sinking in. An interval of mumbled adjustments. Then gloom moved in ar nike air max sale oundthe gray-sheeted bed, a circle slowly closing.
Chapter 33
What time was it when I opened my eyes, sensing someone or something nearby? Was it an odd-numbered hour?
The room was soft and webby. I stretched my legs, blinked- slowly focused on a familiar object. It was Wilder,standing two feet from the bed, gazing into my face. We spent a long moment in mutual contemplation. His greatround head, set as it was on a small-limbed and squattish body, gave him the look of a primitive c Cheap Nike Air Max 1 lay figurine, somehousehold idol of obscure and cultic derivation. I had the feeling he wanted to show me something. As I slippedquietly out of bed, he walked in his quilted booties out of the room. I followed him into the hall and toward thewindow t cheap nike air max hat looks out on our backyard. I was barefoot and robeless and felt a chill pass through the Hong Kongpolyester of my pajamas. Wilder stood looking out the window, his chin about an inch above the sill. It seemed I’dspent my life in lopsided pajamas, the shirt buttons inserted in mismatchi cheap nike air max ng slits, the fly undone and drooping. Wasit dawn already? Were those crows I heard screaming in the trees?
There was someone sitting in the backyard. A white-haired man sitting erect in the old wicker chair, a figure of eeriestillness and composure. At first, dazed and sleepy, I didn’t k nike air max 95 now what to make of the sight. It seemed to

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