Martha It is theIsabella of

Columbus had hoped, with reason, to send back a part of the vesselswhich made up his large squadron, with gold nike air max collected in the year by thecolonists at La Navidad. In truth, when, in 1501, the system of gold-washing-hadbeendeveloped, the colony y cheap nike air max ielded twelve hundred poundsof gold in one year. The search for gold, from the beginning, broke up allintelligent plans for geographical discovery or for colonization. In thiscase, it was almost too clear that there was nothing but bad news to sendback to Spain. Columbus went forward, however, as well as he could, withthe establishment of a new colony, and with the search for gold.
He sent out expeditions of discovery to open relations with the natives,and to find the best places for washing and mining for gold. MelchiorMeldonado commanded three hundred men, in the first of theseexpeditions. They came to a good harbor at the mouth of a river, wherethey saw a fine house, which they supposed might be the home ofGuacanagari. They met an armed par nike air max 95 ty of one hundred Indians; but thesemen put away their weapons when si cheap nike air max gnals of peace were made, andbrought presents in token of good-will.
The house to which they went was round, with a hemispherical roof ordome. It was thirty-two paces in diameter, divided by wic Nike Air Max ker work intodifferent rooms. Smaller houses, for persons of rank lower than the chiefs,surrounded it. The natives told the explorers that Guacanagari himself hadretired to the hills.
On receiving the report of these explorers Columbus sent out Ojedawith a hundred men, and Corvalan with a similar party in different directions. These officers, in th Cheap Nike Air Max 1 eir report, described the operation of gold-washing, much as it is known to explorers in mining regions to-day. Thenatives made a deep ditch into which the gold bearing sand should settle.
For more important work they had flat baskets in which they shook thesand and parted i nike air max classic t from the gold. With the left hand they dipped up sand,handled this skilfully or „dextrously“ with the right hand, so that in a fewm nike air max 1 in nike air max 90 utes they could give grains of gold to the gratified explorers. Ojedabrought home to Columbus one nugget which weighed nine ounces.
They also brought tidings of the King of Canoaboa, of whom they hadheard before, and he is called by the name of Caunebo himself.[*] He wasafterwards carried, as a prisoner or as a hostage, on the way to Spain; butdied on the passage.
[*] The name is spelled in many different ways.
Columbus was able to dispatch the returning ships, with theencouraging reports brought in by Meldonado and Ojeda, but with verylittle gold. But he was obliged to ask for fresh supplies of food for thecolony–even in the midst of the plenty which he described; for he ha nike air max sale dfound a nike air max 90 sale lready what all such leaders find, the difficulty of training men touse food to which they were not accustomed. He sent also h Cheap Air Max is Caribprisoners, begging that they might be trained to a knowledge of thechristian religion and of the Spanish language. He saw, already, how muchhe should need interpreters. The fleet sailed on the second of February,and its reports were, on the whole, favorably received.
Columbus chose for the new city an elevation, ten leagues east ofMonte Christi, and at first gave to his colony the name of Martha. It is theIsabella of

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