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es for me… the monster! What did I do to him, I asked myself, to have deserved such c Cheap Nike Air Max 1 ruel tr cheap nike air max eatment at his han nike air max 95 ds? I save his life, restore his fortune to him, he snatches away what is most dear to me! A savage beast would have been less cruel! O man, thus are you when you heed nothing but your passions! Tigers that dwell in the wildest jungleswouldquail before such ignominies… these first pangs of suffering were succeeded by some few minutes of exhaustion; my eyes, brimming over with tears, turned mechanically towards the sky; my heart did spring to the feet of the Master who dwelleth there… that pure glittering vault… that imposing stillness of the night… that terror which numbed my senses… that image of Nature in peace, nigh unto my whelmed, distraught soul… all distille cheap nike air max trainers d a somber horror into me, whence there was soon born the need to pray. I cast myself down, kneeling before that potent God deni nike air max sale ed by the impious, hope of the poor and the downtrodden.
„Holy Majesty, Saintly One,“ I cried out in tears, „Thou Who in this dreadful moment deign to flood my soul with a celestial joy, Who doubtless hath prevented me from attempting my life; O my Protector and my Guide, Nike Air Max I aspire to Thy bounties, I implore Thy clemency, behold my miseries and my torments, my resignation, and hear Thou my entreaties: Powerful God I Thou knowst it, I am innocent and weak, I am betrayed and mistreated; I have wished to do well in imitation of Thee, and Thy will hath punished it in me: may Thy will be done, O my God I all its sacred effects are cherished by me, I respect them and cease to complain of them; b Cheap Air Max ut if however I am to find naught but stings and nettles terrestrially, is it to offend Th nike air max 90 ee, O my Sovereign Master, to supplicate Thy puissance to take me into Thy bosom, in order untroubled to adore Thee, to worship Thee far away from these perverse men who, alas I have made me meet with evils only, and whose bloodied and perfidious hands at their pleasure drown my sorrowful days in a torrent of tears and in an abyss of agonies.“
Prayer is nike air max the misfortunate’s sweetest comfort; strength reenters him once he has fulfilled this duty. My courage renewed, I raised myself up, I gathered together the rags the villain had left me, and I hid myself in a thicket so as to pass the night in less danger. The security I believed I enjoyed, the satisfaction I had just tasted by communing with my God, all combined to help me r nike air max classic est a few hours, and the sun was already risen high when I opened my eyes. For the wretched, the instant of awakening is hideous: the imagination, refreshed by sleep’s sweet ministrations, very rapidly and lugubriously fills with the evils these moments of deceiving repose have smoothed into oblivion nike air max 1 .
Very cheap nike air max well, I said as I examined myself, it is then true that there are human creatures Nature reduces to the level of wild beasts! Lurking in this forest, like them flying the sight of man, what difference now exists between them and me? Is it worth being born for a fate so pitiable?… And my tears flowed abundantly as I meditated in sorrow; I had scarcely finished with my reflections when I heard soun nike air max 90 sale ds somewhere about; little

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