stings and nettles terrestrially

t lost his bearings, whether he thought we were going to arrive soon.
„We have arrived, whore,“ the villain rep nike air max classic lied, toppling me with a b cheap nike air max low of his cane brought down upon my head; I fell unconscious… Oh, Madame, I have no idea what that man afterward said or did; but the state I was in when I returned to my senses advised me only too well to what pointIhad been his victim. I was darkest night when I awoke; I was at the foot of a tree, away from any road, injured, bleeding… dishonored, Madame; such had been the reward of all I had just done for the unlucky man; and carrying infamy to its ultimate degree, the wretch, after having done to nike air max me all he had wished, after having abused me in every manner, even in that which most outrages Nature, had taken my purse… containing the same money I had so generously offered him. He had torn my clothing, most of it lay in shreds and ribbons about me, I was virtually naked, and several parts of my body were lacera nike air max sale ted, clawed; you may appreciate my situation: there in the depths of th Cheap Air Max e night, without resources, without honor, without hope, exposed to every peril: I wished to put an end to my days: had a weapon been presented to me, I would have laid hands on it and abridged this unhappy life full only of plagues for me… the monster! What did I do to him, I asked myself, to have deserved such cruel treatment at his hands? I save his life, restore his fortune to him, he snatches away what is most dear to me! A nike air max 90 sale savage beast would have been less cruel! O man, thus are you when you heed nothing but your passions! Tigers that dwel nike air max 90 l in the wildest jungles would quail before such ignominies… these first pangs of suffering were succeeded by some few minutes of exhaustion; my eyes, brimming over with tears, turned mechanically towards Cheap Nike Air Max 1 the sky; my heart did spring to the feet of the Master who dwelleth there… that pure glittering vault… that imposing stillness of the night… that terror which numbed my senses… that image of Nature in peace, nigh unto my whelmed, distraught soul… all distilled a nike air max 95 somber horror into me, whence there was soon born the need to pray. I cast myself down, kneeling before that potent God denied by the impious, hope of the poor and the downtrodden.
„Holy Majesty, Saintly One,“ I cried out in tears, „Th Nike Air Max ou Who in this dreadful moment deign to flood my soul with a celestial joy, Who doubtless hath prevented me from attempting my life; O my Protector and my Guide, I aspire t nike air max 1 o Thy bounties, I implore Thy clemency, behold my miseries and my torments, my resignation, and hear Thou my entreaties: Powerful God I Thou knowst it, I am innocent and weak cheap nike air max trainers , I am betrayed and mistreated; I have wished to do well in imitation of Thee, and Thy will hath punished it in cheap nike air max me: may Thy will be done, O my God I all its sacred effects are cherished by me, I respect them and cease to complain of them; but if however I am to find naught but stings and nettles terrestrially, is it to offend Thee, O my Sovereig

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