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erful princes,“ he reminds them that his undertaking to disco cheap nike air max trainers ver theWest Indies began in the inspiration of the Holy Spi cheap nike air max rit, which appointedhim as a messenger for this enterprise. He a nike air max sks them to remember that hehas always addressed them as with that intention.
He reminds them of the seven or eight years in which he was urginghis causeandthat it was not enough that he should have showed thereligious side of it, that he was obliged to argue f Cheap Nike Air Max 1 or the temporal view aswell. But their nike air max 90 sale decision, for which he praises them indirectly, was made,he says, in the face of the ridicule of all, excepting the two priests,Marcheza and the Archbishop of Segovia. „And everything will pass awayexcepting the word of God, who spoke so clearly of these lands by thevoice of Isaiah in so many places, affirming that His name should bedivulged to the nations from Spain.“ He goes on in a review of the earlier voyages, and after this preface gives his account of the voyage of 1498.
They sailed from Santa Lucca the thirti cheap nike air max eth of May, and went down toMadeira to avoid the hostile squadron of the French who were awaitinghim at Cape St. Vincent. In the history by Herrar nike air max 90 a, of another generation,this squadron is said to be Portuguese. From Maderia, they passed to theCanary Islands, fro nike air max 1 m which, with one ship and two caravels, he makes hisvoyage, sending t nike air max sale he other three vessels to Hispaniola. After making theCape de Verde Islands, he sailed southwest. He had very hot weather foreight days, and in the hope of finding cooler weather changed his course tothe westward.
On the thirty-first of July, they made land, which proved to be the capenow known as Galeota, the southeastern cape of the island of Trinidad.
The country was as green at this season as the orchards of Valencia inMarch. Passing five leagues farther on, he lands to refit his v Nike Air Max essels andtake on board wood and water. The next day a large canoe from the east,with twenty-four men, well armed, appeared.
The Admiral wished to communicate with them, but they refused,although he showed them basins and other things which he thought wouldattract them. Failing in this effort, he directed some of the boys of the crewto dance and play a tambourine on the poop of the shi nike air max classic p. But thisconciliatory measure had as little success as the other. The natives strungtheir bows, took up their shields and began to shoot the dancers. Columbusstopped th nike air max 95 e entertainment, therefore, and ordered some balls shot at them,upon which they left him. With the other vessel they opened more friendlycommunication, but when the pilot went to Columbus and asked leave toland with them, they went off, nor were any of them or theirs Cheap Air Max seen again.
On his arrival at Punta de Icacocos, at the southern point of Trinidad,he observes the very strong currents which are always noticed by voyagers,running with as much fury as the Guadalquiver in time of flood. In thenight a terrible wave came from the south, „a hill as high as a ship,“ so thateven in writing of it he feels fear. But no misfortune came from it.

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