Cotton pricesare dropping

hett, I’m so upset about your being here. Don’t you think there’s a chance of your gettingout?”
“ ‘Nihil desperandum’ is my motto.”
jimmy choo bridal “What does that mean?”
“It means ‘maybe,’ my charming ignoramus.”
She fluttered her thick la jimmy choo shoes h&m shes up to look at him and fluttered them down again.
“Oh, you’re too smart to let them hang you! I know you’ll think of some clever way to beatthem and get out! And when you do—”
“And when I do?” he asked softly, leaning closer.
“Well, I—” and she managed a pretty confusion and a blush. The blush was not difficult for shewas breathless and her heart was beating like a drum. “Rhett, I’m so sorry about what I—I said toyou that night—you know—at Rough and Ready. I was—oh, so very frightened and upset and youwere so—so—” She looked down and saw his brown hand tighten over hers. “And—I thoughtthen that I’d never, never forgive you! But when Aunt Pitty told me yesterday that you—that theymight hang you—it came over me of a sudden and I—I—” She looked up into his eyes with oneswift imploring glance and in it she put an a jimmy choo wedding shoes gony of heartbreak. “Oh, Rhett, I’d die if they hangedyou! I couldn’t bear it! You see, I—” And, because she could not longer sustain the hot leapinglight that was in his eyes, her lids fluttered down again.
In a moment I’ll be crying, she thought in a frenzy of wonder and excitement. Shall I let myselfcry? Would that seem more natural?
He said quickly: “My God, Scarlett, you can’t mean that you—” and his hands closed over hersin so hard a grip that it hurt.
She shut her eyes tightly, trying to squeeze out tears, but remembered to turn her face up slightlyso he could kiss her with no difficulty. Now, in an instant his lips would be upon hers, the hardinsistent lips which she suddenly remembered with a vividness that left her weak. But he did notkiss her. Disappointment queerly stirring her, she opened her eyes a tr jimmy choo uk ifle and ventured a peep athim. His black head was bent over her hands and, as she watched, he lifted one and kissed it and,taking the other, laid it against his cheek for a moment. Expecting violence, this gentle andloverlike gesture startled her. She wondered what expression was on his face but could not tell forhis head was bowed.
She quickly lowered her gaze lest he should look up suddenly and see the expression on herface. She knew that the feeling of triumph surging through her was certain to be plain in her eyes.
In a moment he would ask her to marry him—or at least say that he loved her and then … As shewatched him through the veil of her lashes he turned her hand over, palm up, to kiss it too, andsuddenly he drew a quick breath. Looking down she saw her own palm, saw it as it really was forthe first time i christian louboutin n a year, and a cold sinking fear gripped her. This was a stranger’s palm, not ScarlettO’Hara’s soft, white, dimpled, helpless one. This hand was rough from work, brown with sunburn,splotched with freckles. The nails were broken and irregular, there were heavy calluses on thecushions of the palm, a half-healed blister on the thumb. The red scar which boiling fat had left lastmonth was ugly and glaring. She looked at it in horror and, before she thought, she swiftlyclenched her fist.
Still he did not raise his head. Still she could not see his face. He pried her fist open inexorablyand stared at it, picked up her other hand and held them jimmy choo handbags both together silently, looking down atthem.
“Look at me,” he said finally raising his head, and his voice was very quiet. “And drop thatdemure expression.”
Unwillingly she met his eyes, defiance and perturbation on her face. His black brows were upand his eyes gleamed.
“So you have been doing very nicely at Tara, have you? Cleared so much money on the cottonyou can go visiting. What have you been doing with your hands—plowing?”
She tried to wrench them away but he held them hard, running his thumbs over the calluses.
“These are not the hands of a lady,” he said and tossed them into her lap.
“Oh, shut up!” she cried, feeling a momentary intense relief at being able to speak her feelings.
“Whose business is it what I do with my hands?”
What a fool I am, she thought vehemently. I should have borrowed or stolen Aunt Pitty’s gloves.
But I didn’t jimmy choo realize my hands looked so bad. Of course, he would notice them. And now I’ve lostmy temper and probably ruined everything. Oh, to have this happen when he was right at the point of a declaration!
“Your hands are certainly no business of mine,” said Rhett coolly and lounged back in his chairindolently, his face a smooth blank.
So he was going to be difficult. Well, she’d have to bear it meekly, much as she disliked it, if sheexpected to snatch victory from this debacle. Perhaps if she sweet-talked him—“I think you’re real rude to throw off on my poor hands. Just because I went riding last weekwithout my gloves and ruined them—”
“Riding, hell!” he said in the same level voice. “You’ve been working with those hands,working like a nigger. What’s the answer? Why did you lie to me about everything being nice atTara?”
“Now, Rhett—”
“Suppose we get down to the truth. What is the real purpose of your visit? Almost, I waspersuaded by your coquettis jimmy choo h&m h airs that you cared something about me and were sorry for me.”
“Oh, I am sorry! Indeed—”
“No, you aren’t. They can hang me higher than Haman for all you care. It’s written as plainly onyour face as hard work is written on your hands. You wanted something from me and you wantedit badly enough to put on quite a show. Why didn’t you come out in the open and tell me what itwas? You’d have stood a much better chance of getting it, for if there’s one virtue I value inwomen it’s frankness. But no, you had to come jingling your earbobs and pouting and frisking likea prostitute with a prospective client.”
He did not raise his voice at the last words or emphasize them in any way but to Scarlett theycracked like a whiplash, and with despair she saw the end of her hopes of getting him to proposemarriage. Had he exploded with rage and injured vanity or upbraided her, as other men would havedone, she could have handled him. But the deadly quietness of his voice frightened her, left her utterlyat a loss as to her next move. Although cheap jimmy choo uk he was a prisoner and the Yankees were in the nextroom, it came to her suddenly that Rhett Butler was a dangerous man to run afoul of.
“I suppose my memory is getting faulty. I should have recalled that you are just like me and thatyou never do anything without an ulterior motive. Now, let me see. What could you have had upyour sleeve, Mrs. Hamilton? It isn’t possible that you were so misguided as to think I w cheap jimmy choo ouldpropose matrimony?”
Her face went crimson and she did not answer.
“But you can’t have forgotten my oft-repeated remark that I am not a marrying man?”
When she did not speak, he said with sudden violence:
“You hadn’t forgotten? Answer me.”
“I hadn’t forgotten,” she said wretchedly.
“What a gambler you are, Scarlett,” he jeered. “You took a chance that my incarceration awayfrom female companionship would put me in such a state I’d snap at you like a trout at a worm.”
And that’s what you did, thought Scarlett with inward rage, and if it hadn’t been for my hands—“Now, we have most of the truth, everything except your reason. See if you can tell me the truthabout why you wanted to lead me into wedlock.”
There was a suave, almost teasing note in his voice and she took heart. Perhaps everythingwasn’t lost, af jimmy choo outlet ter all. Of course, she had ruined any hope of marriage but, even in her despair, shewas glad. There was something about this immobile man which frightened her, so that now thethought of marrying him was fearful. But perhaps if she was clever and played on his sympathiesand his memories, she could secure a loan. She pulled her face into a placating and childlikeexpression.
“Oh, Rhett, you can help me so much—if you’ll just be sweet.”
“There’s nothing I like better than being—sweet.”
“Rhett, for old friendship’s sake, I want you to do me a favor.”
“So, at last the horny-handed lady comes to her real mission. I feared that ‘visiting the sick andthe imprisoned’ was not your proper role. What do you want? Money?”
The bluntness of his question ruined all hopes of leading up to the matter in any circuitous andsentimen jimmy choo sale tal way.
“Don’t be mean, Rhett,” she coaxed. “I do want some money. I want you to lend me threehundred dollars.”
“The truth at last. Talking love and thinking money. How truly feminine! Do you need themoney badly?”
“Oh, ye— Well, not so terribly but I could use it”
“Three “hundred dollars. That’s a vast amount of money. What do you want it for?”
“To pay taxes on Tara.”
“So you want to borrow some money. Well, since you’re so businesslike, I’ll be businesslike too.
What collateral will you give me?”
“What what?”
“Collateral. Security on my investment. Of course, I don’t want to lose all that money.” Hisvoice was deceptively smooth, almost silky, but she did not notice. Maybe everything would turnout nicely after all.
“My earrings.”
“I’m not interested in earrings.”
“I’ll give you a mortgage on Tara. cheap jimmy choo ”
“Now just what would I do with a farm?”
“Well, you could—you could—it’s a good plantation. And you wouldn’t lose. I’d pay you backout of next year’s cotton.”
“I’m not so sure.” He tilted back in his chair and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Cotton pricesare dropping. Times are so hard and money’s so tight.”
“Oh, Rhett, you are teasing me! You know you have millions!”
There was a warm dancing malice in his eyes as he surveyed her.
“So everything is going nicely and you don’t need the money very badly. Well, I’m glad to hearthat. I like to know that all is well with old friends.”

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