Scolded and for the most part ignored

RHETT NEVER DEVIATED from his smooth, imperturbable mannercheap louis vuitton handbagss, even in their mostintimate moments. But Scarlett never lost the old feeling that he was watching her covertly, knewthat if she turned her head suddenly she would surprise in his eyes that speculative, waiting look,that look of almost terrible patience that she did not understand.
Sometimes, he was a very comfortablepersonto live with, for all his unfortunate habit of notpermitting anyone in his presence to act a lie, palm off a pretense or indulge in bombast. Helistened to her talk of the store and the mills and the saloon, the convicts and the cost of feedingthem, and gave shrewd hard-headed advice. He had untiring energy for the dancing and parties sheloved and an unending supply of coarse stories with which he regaled her on their infrequentevenings alone when the table was cleared and brandy and coffee before thlouis vuitton wholesaleem. She found that hewould give her anything she desired, answer any question she asked as long as she was forthright,and refuse her anything she attempted to gain by indirection, hints and feminine angling. He had adisconcerting habit of seeing through her and laughing rudely.
Contemplating the suave indifference with which he generally treated her, Scarlett frequentlywondered, but with no real curiosity, why he had married her. Men married for love or a home andchildren or money but she knew he had married her for none of these things. He certainly did notlove her. He referred to her lovely house as an architectural horror and said he would rather live ina well-regulated hotel than a home. And he never once hinted about children as Charles and Frankhad done. Once when trying to coquet with him she asked why he married her and was infuriatedwhen he replied with an amused gleam in his eyes: “I married you to keep you for a pet, my dear.”
No, he hadn’t married her for any of the usual reasons men marry women. He had married hersolely because he wanted her and couldn’t get her any other way. He had admitted as much thenight he proposed to her. He had wanted her, just as he had wanted Belle Watling. This was not apleasant thought In fact it was a barefaced insult. But she shrugged it off as she had learned toshrug off all unpleasant facts. They had made a bargain and she was quite pleased with her side ofthe bargain. She hoped he was equally pleased but she did not care very much whether he was ornot.
But one afternoon when she was consulting Dr. Meade about a di cheap louis vuitton gestive upset, she learned anunpleasant fact which she could not shrug louis vuitton bags uk It was with real hate in her eyes that she stormedinto her bedroom at twilight and told Rhett that she was going to have a baby.
He was lounging in a silk dressing gown in a cloud of smoke and his eyes went sharply to herface as she spoke. But he said nothing. He watched her in silence but there was a tenseness abouthis pose, as he waited for her next words, that louis vuitton handbagswas lost on her. Indignation and despair had claimedher to the exclusion of all other thoughts.
“You know I don’t want any more children! I never wanted any at all. Every time things aregoing right with me I have to have a baby. Oh, don’t sit there and laugh! You don’t want it either.
Oh, Mother of God!”
If he was waiting for words from her, these were not the words he wanted. His face hardenedslightly and his eyes became blank.
“Well, why not give it to Miss Melly? Didn’t you tell me she was so misguided as to wantanother baby?”
“Oh, I could kill you! I won’t have it, I tell you, I won’t!”
“No? Pray continue.”
“Oh, there are things to do. I’m not the stupid country fool I used to be. Now, I know that awoman doesn’t have to have children if she doesn’t want them! There are things—”
He was on his feet and had her by the wrist and there was a hard, driving fearlouis vuitton outlet in his face.
“Scarlett, you fool, tell me the truth! You haven’t done anything?”
“No, I haven’t, but I’m going to. Do you think I’m going to have my figure ruined all overagain, just when I’ve gotten my waist line down and am having a good time.”
“Where did you get this idea? Who’s been telling you things?”
“Mamie Bart—she—”
The madam of a whore house would know such tricks. That woman never puts foot in this houseagain, do you understand? After all, it is my house and I’m the master of it. I do not even want youto speak to her again.”
“I’ll do as I please. Turn me loose. Why should you care?”
“I don’t care whether you have one child or twenty, but I do care if you die.”
“Die? Me?”
“Yes, die. I don’t suppose Mamie Bart told you the chances a woman takes when she does athing like that?”
“No,” said Scarlett reluctantly. “She just said it would fix things up fine.”
“By God, I will kill her!” cried Rhett ancheap louis vuitton bagsd his face was black with rage. He looked down intoScarlett’s tear-stained face and some of the wrath faded but it was still hard and set. Suddenly hepicked her up in his arms and sat down in the chair, holding her close to him, tightly, as if he fearedshe would get away from him.
“Listen, my baby, I won’t have you take your life in your hands. Do you hear? Good God, Idon’t want children any more than you do, but I can support them. I don’t want to hear any more foolishness out of you, and if you dare try to—Scarlett, I saw a girl die that way once. She wasonly a—well, but she was a pretty sort at that. It’s not an easy way to die. I—”
“Why, Rhett!” she cried, startled out of her misery at the emotion in his voice. She had neverseen him so moved. “Where—who—”
“In New Orleans—oh, years ago. I was young and impressionable.” He bent his head suddenlyand buried his lips in her hair. “You’ll have your baby, Scarlett, if I have to handcuff you to mywrist for the next nine months.”
She sat up in his lap and stared into his facecheap louis vuitton belts with frank curiosity. Under her gaze it was suddenlysmooth and bland as though wiped clear by magic. His eyebrows were up and the corner of hismouth was down.
“Do I mean so much to you?” she questioned, dropping her eyelids.
He gave her a level look as though estimating how much coquetry was behind the question.
Reading the true meaning of her demeanor, he made casual answer.
“Well, yes. You see, I’ve invcheap louis vuitton shoesested a good deal of money in you, and I’d hate to lose it.”
Melanie came out of Scarlett’s room, weary from the strain but happy to tears at the birth ofScarlett’s daughter. Rhett stood tensely in the hall, surrounded by cigar butts which had burnedholes in the fine carpet“You can go in now, Captain Butler,” she said shyly.
Rhett went swiftly past her into the room and Melanie had a brief glimpse of him bending overthe small naked baby in Mammy’s lap before Dr. Meade shut the door. Melanie sank into a chair,her face pinkening with embarrassment that she had unintentionally witnessed so intimate a scene.
“Ah!” she thought “How sweet! How worried poor Captain Butler has been! And he did not takea single drink all this time! How nice of him. So many gentlemen are so intoxicated by the timetheir babies are born. I fear he needs a drink badly. Dare I suggest it? No, that would be veryforward of me.”
She sank gratefully into a chair, her back, which always ached these days, feeling as though itwould break in two at the waist line. Oh, how fortunate Scarlett was to have Captain Butler justoutside her door while the baby was being born! If only she had had Ashley with her that dreadfulday Beau came she would not have suffered half so much. If only that small girl behind thoseclosed doors were hers and not Scarlett’s! Oh, how wicked I am, she thought guiltily. I amcoveting her baby and Scarlett has been so good to me. Forgive me, Lord. I wouldn’t really wantScarlett’s baby but—but I would so like a baby of my own!
She pushed a small cushion behind her aching back and thought hungrily of a daughter of herown. But Dr. Meade had never chanlouis vuittonged his opinion on that subject. And though she was quitewilling to risk her life for another child, Ashley would not hear of it. A daughter. How Ashleywould love a daughter!
A daughter! Mercy! She sat up in alarm. I never told Captain Butler it was a girl! And of coursehe was expecting a boy. Oh, how dreadful!
Melanie knew that to a woman a child of either sex was equally welcome but to a man, andespecially such a self-willed man as Captain Butler, a girl would be a blow, a reflection upon hismanhood. Oh, how thankful she was that God had permitted her only child to be a boy! She knewthat, had she been the wife of the fearsome Captain Butler, she would have thankfully died inchildbirth rather than present him with a daughter as his first-born.
But Mammy, waddling grinning from the room, set her mind at ease—and at th Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags/Shoes/Belts/Luggage/Sunglasses/Wallets UK Sale e same timemade her wonder just what kind of man Captain Butler really was.
“Wen Ah wuz bathin’ dat chile, jes’ now,” said Mammy, “Ah kinder ‘pologized ter Mist’ Rhett‘bout it not bein’ a boy. But, Lawd, Miss Melly, you know whut he say? He say, Hesh yo mouf,Mammy! Who want a boy? Boys ain’ no fun. Dey’s jes’ a passel of trouble. Gals is whut is fun. Ahwouldn’ swap disyere gal fer a baker’s dozen of boys.’ Den he try ter snatch de chile frum me,buck nekked as she wuz an’ Ah slap his wrist an’ say ‘B’have yo’seff, Mist’ Rhett! Ah’ll jes’ bidemah time tell you gits a boy, an’ den Ah’ll laff out loud to hear you holler fer joy.’ He grin an’
shake his haid an’ say, ‘Mammy, you is a fool. Boys ain’ no use ter nobody. Ain’ Ah a proof ofdat?’ Yas’m, Miss Melly, he ack lak a gempmum ‘bout it,” finished Mammy graciously. It was cheap louis vuittonnotlost on Melanie that Rhett’s conduct had gone far toward redeeming him in Mammy’s eyes.
“Maybe Ah done been a mite wrong ‘bout Mist’ Rhett. Dis sho is a happy day ter me, Miss Melly.
Ah done diapered three ginrations of Robillard gals, an’ it sho is a happy day.”
“Oh, yes, it is a happy day, Mammy. The happiest days are the days when babies come!”
To one person in the house it was not a happy day. Scolded and for the most part ignored, WadeHampton idled miserably about the dining room. Early that morning, Mammy had waked himabruptly, dressed him hurriedly and sent him with Ella to Aunt Pitty’s house for breakfast. The onlyexplanation he received was that his mother was sick and the noise of his playing might upset her.
Aunt Pitty’s house was in an upro

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