You mean you are quitting

black face, stupid and as easily read as a child’s, looked up at her and there was fear init. He came closer and, leaning over the side of the buggy, whispered: “Miss Scarlett, Ah got ter gitouter ‘Lanta. Ah got ter git ter Tara wcheap louis vuitton shoeshar dey woan fine me. Ah—Ah done kilt a man.”
“A darky?”
“No’m. A w’ite man. A Yankee sojer and dey’s lookin’ fer me. Dat de reason Ah’m hyahatShantytown.”
“How did it happen?”
“He wuz drunk an’ he said sumpin’ Ah couldn’ tek noways an’ Ah got mah han’s on his neck—an’ Ah din’ mean ter kill him, Miss Scarlett, but mah han’s is pow’ful strong, an’ fo’ Ah knowed it,he wuz kilt. An’ Ah wuz so sceered Ah din’ know whut ter do! So Ah come out hyah ter hide an’
w’en Ah seed you go by yestiddy, Ah says ‘Bress Gawd! Dar Miss Scarlett! She tek keer of me.
She ain’ gwine let de Yankees git me. She sen’ me back ter Tara.”
“You say they’re after you? They know you did it?”
“Yas’m, Ah’s so big dar ain’ no mistakin’ me. Ah spec Ah’s de bigges’ nigger in ‘Lanta. Deydone been out hyah already affer me las’ night but a nigglouis vuitton handbagser gal, she hid me in a cabe ober in dewoods, tell dey wuz gone.”
Scarlett sat frowning for a moment. She was not in the least alarmed or distressed that Sam hadcommitted murder, but she was disappointed that she could not have him as a driv er. A big negrolike Sam would be as good a bodyguard as Archie. Well, she must get him safe to Tara somehow,for of course the authorities must not get him. He was too valuable a darky to be hanged. Why, hewas the best foreman Tara had ever had! It did not enter Scarlett’s mind that he was free. He stillbelonged to her, like Pork and Mammy and Peter and Cookie and Prissy. Hcheap louis vuitton bagse was still “one of ourfamily” and, as such, must be protected.
“I’ll send you to Tara tonight,” she said finally. “Now Sam, I’ve got to drive out the road apiece, but I ought to be back here before sundown. You bcheap louis vuitton bags uke waiting here for me when I come back.
Don’t tell anyone where you are going and if you’ve got a hat, bring it along to hide your face.”
“Ah ain’ got no hat.”
“Well, here’s a quarter. You buy a hat from one of those shanty darkies and meet me here.”
“Yas’m.” His face glowed with relief at once more having someone to tell him what to do.
Scarlett drove on thoughtfully. Will would certainly welcome a good field hand at Tara. Porkhad never been any good in the fields and never would be any good. With Sam on the place, Porkcocheap louis vuitton beltsuld come to Atlanta and join Dilcey as she had promised him when Gerald died.
When she reached the mill the sun was setting and it was later than she cared to be out. JohnnieGallegher was standing in the doorway of the miserable shack that served as cook room for thelittle lumber camp. Sittinglouis vuitton wholesale on a log in front of the slab-sided shack that was their sleeping quarterswere four of the five convicts Scarlett had apportioned to Johnnie’s mill. Their convict uniformswere dirty and foul with sweat, shackles clanked between their ankles when they moved tiredly,and there was an air of apathy and despair about them. They were a thin, unwholesome lot, Scarlettthought, peerin cheap louis vuitton g sharply at them, and when she had leased them, so short a time before, they werean upstanding crew. They did not even raise their eyes as she dismounted from the buggy butJohnnie turned toward her, carelessly dragging off his hat. His little brown face was as hard as anut as he greeted her.
“I don’t like the look of the men,” she said abruptly. “They don’t look well. Where’s the otherone?”
“Says he’s sick,” said Johnnie laconically. “He’s in thelouis vuitton bunk house.”
“What ails him?”
“Laziness, mostly.”
“I’ll g Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags/Shoes/Belts/Luggage/Sunglasses/Wallets UK Sale o see him.”
“Don’t do that. He’s probably nekkid. I’ll tend to him. He’ll be back at work tomorrow.”
Scarlett hesitated and saw one of the convicts raise a weary head and give Johnnie a stare ofintense hatred before he looked at the ground again.
“Have you been whipping these men?”
“Now, Mrs. Kennedy, begging your pardon, who’s running this mill? You put me in charge andtold me to run it. You said I’d have a free hand. You ain’t got no complaints to make of me, have you? Ain’t I making twice as much for you as Mr. Elsing did?”
“Yes, you are,” said Scarlett, but a shiver went over her, like a goose walking across her grave.
There was something sinister about this camp with its ugly shacks, something which had notbeen here when Hugh Elsing had it. There was a loneliness, an isolation, about it that chilled her.
These convicts far away from everything, so completely at the mercy of Johnnie Gallegher,andifhec(were) hos(so) e to whip them or otherwise mistreat them, she would probably neverknow about it. The convictscheap louis vuitton handbags would be afraid to complain to her for fear of worse punishment aftershe was gone.
“The men look thin. Are you giving them enough to eat? God knows, I spend enough money ontheir food to make them fat as hogs. The flour and pork alone cost thirty dollars last month. Whatare you giving them for supper?”
She stepped over to the cook shack and looked in. A fat mulatto woman, who was leaning over arusty old stolouis vuitton outletve, dropped a half curtsy as she saw Scarlett and went on stirring a pot in which black-eyed peas were cooking. Scarlett knew Johnnie Gallegher lived with her but thought it best toignore the fact. She saw that except for the peas and a pan of corn pone there was no other foodbeing prepared.
“Haven’t you got anything else for these men?”
“Haven’t you got any side meat in these peas?”
“No boiling bacon in the peas? But black-eyed peas are no good without bacon. There’s nostrength to them. Why isn’t there any bacon?”
“Mist’ Johnnie, he say dar ain’ no use puttin’ in no side meat.”
“You’ll put bacon in. Where do you keep your supplies?”
The negro woman rolled frightened eyes toward the small closet that served as a pantry andScarlett threw the door open. There was an open barrel of cornmeal ocheap louis vuittonn the floor, a small sack offlour, a pound of coffee, a little sugar, a gallon jug of sorghum and two hams. One of the hamssitting on the shelf had been recently cooked and only one or two slices had been cut from it,Scarlett turned in a fury on Johnnie Gallegher and met his coldly angry gaze.
“Where are the five sacks of white flour I sent out last week? And the sugar sack and the coffee?
And I had five hams sent and ten pounds of side meat and God knows how many bushels of yamsand Irish potatoes. Well, where are they? You can’t have used them all in a week if you fed the menfive meals a day. You’ve sold them! That’s what you’ve done, you thief! Sold my good suppliesand put the money in your pocket and fed these men on dried peas and corn pone. No wonder theylook so thin. Get out of the way.”
She stormed past him to the doorway.
“You, man, there on the end—yes, you! Come here!”
The man rose and walked awkwardly toward her, his shackles clanking, and she saw that hisbare ankles were red and raw from the chafing of the iron.
“When did you last have ham?”
The man looked down at the ground.
“Speak up.”
Still the man stood silent and abject. Finally he raised his eyes, looked Scarlett in the faceimploringly and dropped his gaze again.
“Scared to talk, eh? Well, go in the pantry and get that ham off the shelf. Rebecca, give him yourknife. Take it out to those men and divide it up. Rebecca, make some biscuits and coffee for themen. And serve plenty of sorghum. Start now, so I can see you do it.”
“Dat’s Mist’ Johnnie’s privut flour an’ coffee,” Rebecca muttered frightenedly.
“Mr. Johnnie’s, my foot! I suppose it’s his private ham too. You do what I say. Get busy. JohnnieGallegher, come out to the buggy with me.”
She stalked across the littered yard and climbed into the buggy, noticing with grim satisfactionthat the men were tearing at the ham and cramming bits into their mouths voraciously. They lookedas if they feared it would be taken from them at any minute.
“You are a rare scoundrel!” she cried furiously to Johnnie as he stood at the wheel, his hatpushed back from his lowering brow. “And you can just hand over to me the price of my supplies.
In the future, I’ll bring you provisions every day instead of ordering them by the month. Then youcan’t cheat me.”
“In the future I won’t be here,” said Johnnie Gallegher.
“You mean you are quitting!”
For a moment it was on Scarlett’s hot tongue to cry: “Go and good riddance!” but the cool handof caution stopped her. If Johnnie should quit, what would she do? He had been doubling theamount of lumber Hugh turned out. And just now she had a big order, the biggest she had ever hadand a rush order at that. She had to get that lumber into Atlanta. If Johnnie quit, whom would sheget to take over the mill?

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