otherwise put into action

will be done all the same; but the better to guard their secret, once finished with me they will stab me, and will bury me at the foot of yonder tree.
I need not paint the effect this cruel proposition had upon me, Madame, you will have no difficulty understanding that I sank to my knees before Dubois, I besought her a second time to be my protectres christian louboutin black s: the low creaturedidbut laugh at my tears:
„Oh by God !“ quoth she, „here’s an unhappy little one. What! you shudder before the obligatio n to serve four fine big boys one after another? Listen to me,“ she added, after some reflection, „my sway over these dear lads is sufficiently great for me to obtain a reprieve for you upon condition you render yourself worthy of it.“
„Alas ! Madame, what must I do ?“ I cried through my tears; „command me; I am ready.“
„Join us, throw in your lot with us, and commit the same deeds, without show of the least repugnance; either that, or I cannot save you from the rest.“ I did not think mys christian louboutin wedding shoes elf in a position to hesitate; by accepting this cruel condition I exposed myself to further dangers, to be sure, but they were the less immediate; perhaps I might be able to avoid them, where christian louboutin boots as nothing could save me from those with which I was actually menaced.
„I will go everywhere with you, Madame,“ was my prompt answer to Dub christian louboutin bridal ois, „everywhere, I promise you; shield me from the fury of these men and I shall never leave your side while I live.“
„Children,“ Dubois said to the four bandits, „this girl is one of the company, I am taking her into it; I ask you to do her no ill, don’t put her stomach off the mtier during her first days in it; you see how useful her age and face can be to us; let’s employ them to our advantage rather than sacrifice them to our pleasures christian louboutin shoe sale .“
But such is the degree of energy in man’s passions nothing can subdue them. The persons I was dealing with were in no state to heed reason: all four surrounded me, devoured me with their fiery glances, menaced me in a still more terrible ma christian louboutin uk nner; they were about to lay hands on me, I was about to become their victim.
„She has got to go through with it,“ one of them declared, cheap christian louboutin „it’s too late for discussion: was she not told she must give proof of virtues in order to be admitted into a band of thieves ? and once a little used, won’t she be quite as serviceable as she is while a virgin ?“
I am softening their expressions, you understand, Madame, I am sweetening the scene itself; alas! their obscenities were such that jimmy choo your modesty might suffer at least as much christian louboutin sale from beholding them unadorned as did my shyness.
A defenseless and trembling victim, I shuddered; I had barely strength to breathe; kneeling before the quartet, I raised my feeble arms as much to supplicate the men as to melt Dubois’ heart….
„An instant,“ said one who went by the name of Coeur-de- christian louboutin fer and appeared to be the band’s chief, a man of thirty-six years, of a bull’s strength and bearing the face of a satyr; „one moment, cheap louboutins friends: it may be possible to satisfy everyone concerned; since this little girl’s virtue is so precious to her and since, as Dubois state christian louboutin outlet s it very well, this quality otherwise put into action

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