quit her teaching job and devote herself to

id, but he didn’t even glance at the watches. Walking home that evening with the watch hidden in my purse, I felt light and giddy. After dinner, I climbed into my bunk bed, where no one could see me, and tried on the watch with each of the bands, gesturing the way I figured rich people did.
We aring the watch to work was out of the question, o christian louboutinblackf course. I also realized that I could run into Mr. Becker in town at any time, christian louboutin shoe sale so I decided that until school started, I’d put the watch on only at home. Then I began to wonder how I christian louboutin ‘d explain the watch to Brian and Lori and Mom and Dad. I also worried that Mr. Becker might see something thieflike in my expression. Sooner or later, he’d discover the missing watch and would question me, and I’d have to lie c jimmy choo onvincingly, which I wasn’t very good at. If I wasn’t convincing, I’d be sent off to a reform school with people like Billy Deel, and Mr. Becker would have the satisfaction of knowing he’d been right all along not to trust me.
I wasn’t about to give him that satisfaction. The next morning I took the watch out of the wooden bo christian louboutin sale x where I kept my geode, put it in my purse, and brought it back to the store. All morning I nervously waited for Mr. Becker to leave for lunch. When he was finally gone, I opened the display case, slipped the watch inside, and rea christian louboutin outlet rranged the other watches around it. I cheap christian louboutin moved fast. The week before, I had stolen the watch without breaking a sweat. But now I was terrified that someone would catch me putting it back.
Chapter 10
IN LATE AUGUST, I was washing clothes in the tin pan in the living roo cheap louboutins m when I heard someone coming up the stairs singing. It was Lori. She burst into the living room, duffel bag over her shoulder, laughing and belting out one of those goofy summer-camp songs kids sing at night around the fire. I’d never heard Lori cut loose like this before. She positively glowed as she told me about the hot meals and the hot showers and all the friends she’d made. She’d even had a boyfriend who kissed her. „Everyon christian louboutin boots e assumed I was a normal person,“ she said. „It was weird.“ Then she told me that it had occurred to her that if she got out of Welch, and away from the family, s christian louboutin bridal he might have a shot at a happy life. From then on, she began looking forward to the christian louboutin uk day she’d leave Little Hobart Street and be on her own.
A few days later, Mom came home. She seemed different, too. She had lived in a dorm on th christian louboutin wedding shoes e university campus, without four kids to take care of, and she had loved it. She’d attended lectures and she’d painted. She’d read stacks of self-help books, and they had made her realize that she’d been living her life for other people. She intended to quit her teaching job and devote herself to

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