said Scarlett coolly

“Honey, you kain fool me. Ah knows you. An’ Ah seed Mist’ Frank’s face jes’ now an’ Ah seedyo’ face, an’ Ah kin read yo’ mine lak a pahson read a Bible. An’ Ah heerd dat whisperin’ you wuzgivin’ him ‘bout Miss Suellen. Effen Ah’d had a notion ‘twuz Mist’ Frank you wuz affer, Ah’dstayed home whar Ah b’longs.”
“Well,” said Scarlett s nike air max hortly, snuggling under the blankets and realizing it was useless to try tothrow Mammy off the scent, “who did you think it was?”
“Chile, Ah din’ know but Ah din’ lak de look on yo’ face yestiddy. An’ Ah ‘membered MissPittypat writin’ Miss Melly dat dat rapscallion Butler man had lots of money an’ Ah doan fergitwhat Ah hears. But Mist’ Frank, he a gempmum even ef he ain’ so pretty.”
Scarlett gave her a sharp l nike air max 2013 ook and Mammy returned the gaze with calm omniscience.
“Well, what are you going to do about it? Tattle to Suellen?”
“Ah is gwine ter he’p you pleasure Mist’ Frank eve’y way Ah knows how,” said Mammy,tucking the covers about Scarlett’s neck.
Scarlett lay quietly for a while, as Mammy fussed about the room, relief flooding her that therewas no need for words between them. No explanations were asked, no reproaches made. Mammyunderstood and was silent. In Mammy, Scarlett had found a realist more uncompromising thanherself. The mottled wise old eyes saw deeply, saw clearly, with the directness of the savage andthe child, undeterred by conscience when danger threatened her pet. Scarlett was her baby andwhat her baby wanted, even though it belonged to another, Mammy was willing to help her obtain.
The rights of Suellen an nike air max 90 sale d Frank Kennedy did not even enter her mind, save to cause a grim inwardchuckle. Scarlett was in trouble and doing the best she could, and Scarlett was Miss Ellen’s child.
Mammy rallied to her with never a moment’s hesitation.
Scarlett felt the silent reinforcement and, as the hot brick at her feet warmed her, the hope whichhad flickered faintly on the cold ride home grew into a flame. It swept through her, making herheart pump the blood through her veins in pounding surges. Strength was coming back and areckless excitement which made her want to laugh aloud. Not beaten yet, she thought exultantly.
“Hand me the mirror, Mammy,” she said.
“Keep yo’ shoulders unner dat kivver,” ordered Mammy, passing the hand mirror to her, a smileon her thick lips.
Scarlett looked at herself.
“I look white as a hant,” she said, “a nike air max canada nd my hair is as wild as a horse’s tail.”
“You doan look peart as you mout.”
“Hum. … Is it raining very hard?”
“You know it’s po’in’.”
“Well, just the same, you’ve got to go downtown for me.”
“Not in dis rain, Ah ain’.”
“Yes, you are or I’ll go myself.”
“What you got ter do dat woan wait? Look ter me lak you done nuff fer one day.”
“I want,” said Scarlett, surveying herself carefully in the mirror, “a bottle of cologne water. Youcan wash my hair and rinse it with cologne. And buy me a jar of quince-seed jelly to make it liedown flat.”
“Ah ain’ gwine wash yo’ ha’r in dis wedder an’ you ain’ gwine put no cologne on yo’ haid lak afas’ woman needer. Not w’ile Ah got breaf in mah body.”
“Oh, yes, I am. Look in my purse and get that five-dollar gold piece out and go to town. And—er, Mammy, while you are down nike air max 95 town, you might get me a—a pot of rouge.”
“Whut dat?” asked Mammy suspiciously.
Scarlett met her eyes with a coldness she was far from feeling. There was never any way ofknowing just how far Mammy could be bullied.
“Never you mind. Just ask for it.”
“Ah ain’ buyin nuthin’ dat Ah doan know whut ‘tis.”
“Well, it’s paint, if you’re so curious! Face paint. Don’t stand there and swell up like a toad. Goon.”
“Paint!” ejaculated Mammy. “Face paint! Well, you ain’ so big dat Ah kain whup you! Ah ain’
never been so scan’lized! You is los’ yo’ mine! Miss Ellen be tuhnin’ in her grabe dis minute!
Paintin’ yo face lak a—”
“You know very well Grandma Robillard painted her face and—”
“Yas’m, an’ wo’ only one petticoat an’ it wrang out wid water ter mek it stick an’ show de shapeof her laigs, but dat ain’ sayin’ you is nike air max classic gwine do sumpin’ lak dat! Times wuz scan’lous w’en OleMiss wuz young but times changes, dey do an’—”
“Name of God!” cried Scarlett, losing her temper and throwing back the covers. “You can gostraight back to Tara!”
“You kain sen’ me ter Tara ness Ah wants ter go. Ah is free,” said Mammy heatedly. “An’ Ah isgwine ter stay right hyah. Git back in dat baid. Does you want ter ketch pneumony jes’ now? Putdown dem stays! Put dem down, honey. Now, Miss Scarlett, you ain’ gwine nowhars in dis wedder.
Lawd God! But you sho look lak yo’ pa! Git back in baid—Ah kain go buyin’ no paint! Ah die ofshame, eve’ybody knowin ‘it wud fer mah chile! Miss Scarlett, you is so sweet an’ pretty lookin’
you doan need no paint. Honey, doan nobody but bad womens use dat stuff.”
“Well, they get results, don’t they?”
“Jesus, hear her! Lamb , doan say bad things lak dat! Put down dem wet stockin’s, honey. Ahkain have you buy dat stuff yo’seff. Miss Ellen would hant me. Git back in baid. Ah’ll go. MaybeAh fine me a sto’ what dey doan know us.”
That night at Mrs. Elsing’s, when Fanny had been duly married and old Levi and the othermusicians were tuning up for the dance, Scarlett looked about her with gladness. It was so excitingto be actually at a party again. She was pleased also with the warm reception she had received.
When she entered the house on Frank’s arm, everyone had rushed to her with cries of pleasure andwelcome, kissed her, shaken her hand, told her they had missed her dreadfully and that she mustnever go back to Tara. The men seemed gallantly to have forgotten she had tried her best to breaktheir hearts in other days and the girls that she had cheap nike air max trainers done everything in her power to entice theirbeaux away from them. Even Mrs. Mer nike air max 1 riwether, Mrs. Whiting, Mrs. Meade and the otherdowagers who had been so cool to her during the last days of the war, forgot her flighty conductand their disapproval of it and recalled only that she had suffered in their common defeat and thatshe was Pitty’s niece and Charles’ widow. They kissed her and spoke gently with tears in their eyesof her dear mother’s passing and asked at length about her father and her sisters. Everyone askedabout Melanie and Ashley, demanding the reason why they, too, had not come back to Atlanta.
In spite of her pleasure at the welcome, Scarlett felt a slight uneasiness which she tried toconceal, an uneasiness about the appearance of her velvet dress. It was still damp to the knees andstill spotted about the hem, despite the frantic efforts of Mammy and Cookie with nike air max sale a steaming kettle,a clean hair brush and frantic wavings in front of an open fire. Scarlett was afraid someonewould notice her bedraggled state and realize that this was her only nice dress. She was a littlecheered by the fact that many of the dresses of the other guests looked far worse than hers. Theywere so old and had such carefully mended and pressed looks. At least, her dress was whole andnew, damp though it was—in fact, the only new dress at the gathering with the exception ofFanny’s white-satin wedding gown.
Remembering what Aunt Pitty had told her about the Elsing finances, she wondered where themoney for the satin dress had been obtained and for the refreshments, and decorations an nike air max 90 dmusicians too. It must have cost a pretty penny. Borrowed money probably or else the wholeElsing clan had contributed to give Fanny this expensive wedding. Such a wedding in these ha cheap nike air max rdtimes seemed to Scarlett an extravagance on a par with the tombstones of the Tarleton boys andshe felt the same irritation and lack of sympathy she had felt as she stood in the Tarleton buryingground. The days when money could be thrown away carelessly had passed. Why did these peoplepersist in making the gestures of the old days when the old days were gone?
But she shrugged off her momentary annoyance. It wasn’t her money and she didn’t want herevening’s pleasure spoiled by irritation at other people’s foolishness.
She discovered she knew the groom quite well, for he was Tommy Wellburn from Sparta andshe had nursed him in 1863 when he had a wound in his shoulder. He had been a handsome youngsix-footer then and had given up his medical studies to go in the cavalry. Now he looked like alittle old man, so bent was he by the wound in his hip. He walked with some difficulty and, as AuntPitty had remarked, spraddled in a very cheap nike air max vulgar way. But he seemed totally unaware of hisappearance, or unconcerned about it, and had the manner of one who asks no odds from any man.
He had given up all hope of continuing his medical studies and was now a contractor, working alabor crew of Irishmen who were building the new hotel. Scarlett wondered how he managed soonerous a job in his condition but asked no questions, realizing wryly that almost anything was possible when necessity drove.
Tommy and Hugh Elsing and the little monkey-like René Picard stood talking with her while thechairs and furniture were pushed back to the wall in preparation for the dancing. Hugh had notchanged since Scarlett last saw him in 1862. He was still the thin sensitive boy with the same lockof pale brown hair hanging over his forehead and the same delicate useless-looking hands sheremembered so well. But René had changed since that furlough when he married MaybelleMerriwether. He still had the Gallic twinkle in his black eyes and the Creole zest for living but, forall his easy laughter, there was something hard about his face which had not been there in the earlydays of the war. And the air of supercilious elegance which had clung about him in his strikingZouave uniform was completely gone.
“Cheeks lak ze rose, eyes lak ze emerald!” he said, kissing Scarlett’s hand and paying tribute tothe rouge upon her face. “Pretty lak w’en I first see you at ze bazaar. You remembaire? Nevairehave I forgot how you toss your wedding ring in my basket. Ha, but zat was brave! But I shouldnevaire have zink you wait so long to get anothaire ring!”
His eyes sparkled wickedly and he dug his elbow into Hugh’s ribs.
“And I never thought you’d be driving a pie wagon, Renny Picard,” she said. Instead of beingashamed at having his degrading occupation thrown in his face, he seemed pleased and laugheduproariously, slapping Hugh on the back.
“Touché!” he cried. “Belle Mère, Madame Merriwether, she mek me do eet, ze first work I do enall my life, René Picard, who was to grow old breeding ze race horse, playing ze feedle! Now, Idrive ze pie wagon and I lak eet! Madame Belle Mère, she can mek a man do annyzing. She shouldhave been ze general and we win ze war, eh, Tommy?”
Well! thought Scarlett. The idea of liking to drive a pie wagon when his people used to own tenmiles along the Mississippi River and a big house in New Orleans, too!
“If we’d had our mothers-in-law in the ranks, we’d have beat the Yankees in a week,” agreedTommy, his eyes straying to the slender, indomitable form of his new mother-in-law. The onlyreason we lasted as long as we did was because of the ladies behind us who wouldn’t give up.”
“Who’ll never give up,” amended Hugh, and his smile was proud but a little wry. There’s not alady here tonight who has surrendered, no matter what her men folks did at Appomattox. It’s a lotworse on them than it ever was on us. At least, we took it out in fighting.”
“And they in hating,” finished Tommy. “Eh, Scarlett? It bothers the ladies to see what their menfolks have come down to lots more than it bothers us. Hugh was to be a judge, René was to playthe fiddle before the crowned heads of Europe—” He ducked as René aimed a blow at him. “And Iwas to be a doctor and now—”
“Geeve us ze time!” cried René. “Zen I become ze Pie Prince of ze South! And my good Hughze King of ze Kindling and you, my Tommy, you weel own ze Irish slaves instead of ze darkyslaves. What changes—what fun! And what eet do for you. Mees Scarlett, and Mees Melly? Youmeelk ze cow, peek ze cotton?”
“Indeed, no!” said Scarlett coolly, unable to understand René’s gay acceptance of hardships.
“Our darkies do that.”
“Mees Melly, I hear she call her boy ‘Beauregard.’ You tell her I, René, approve and say thatexcept for ‘Jesus’ there is no bettaire name.”
And though he smiled, his eyes glowed proudly at the name of Louisiana’s dashing hero.
“Well, there’s ‘Robert Edward Lee,’ ” observed Tommy. “And while I’m not trying to lessen OldBeau’s reputation, my first son is going to be named ‘Bob Lee Wellburn.’ ”

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