He pulled his belt out of the loops

ne that, I never would have had this breakthrough.““You can’t quit your job,“ I said. „We need the money.““Why do I always ha jimmy choo outlet ve to be the one who earns the money?“ Mom asked. „You have a job. You can earn money. Lori can earn money, too. I’ve got more important things to do.“* * *I thought Mom was having another tantrum. I assumed that come opening day, she’d be off injimmy chooLucy Jo’s Dart to Davy Elementary, even if we had to cajole her. But on that first day of school, Mom refused to get out of bed. Lori, Brian, and I pulled back the covers and tried to drag her out, but she wouldn’t budge.
I told her she had responsibilities. I told her child welfare might come down on us again if she wasn’t working. She folded her arms across her chest and stared us down. „I’m not going to school,“ she said. jimmy choo h&m
„Why not?“ I asked.
„I’m sick.““What’s wrong?“ I asked.
„My mucus is yellow,“ Mom said.
„If everyone who had yellow mucus stayed home, the schools would be pretty empty,“ I told her.
Mom’s head snapped up. „You can’t tal jimmy choo sale k to me like that,“ she said. „I’m your mother.““If you want to be treated like a mother,“ I said, „you should act like one.“Mom rarely got angry. She was usually either singing or crying, but now her face twisted up with fury. We both knew I had crossed a line, but I d jimmy choo wedding shoes idn’t care. I’d also changed over the summer.
„How dare you?“ she shouted. „You’re in trouble now梑ig trouble. I’m telling your dad. Just you wait until he comes home.“* * *Mom’s threat didn’t worry me. The way I saw it, Dad owed me. I’d looked after his kids all summer, I’d kept him in beer and cigarette money, and I’d helped him fleece that miner Robbi cheap jimmy choo uk e. I figured I had Dad in my back pocket.
When I got home from school that afternoon, Mom was still curled up on th jimmy choo bridal e sofa bed, a small pile of paperbacks next to her. Dad was sitting at the drafting table, rolling a cigarette. He beckoned to me to follow him into the kitchen. Mom watched us go.
Dad closed the door and looked at me gravely. „Your mother claims you back-talked her.““Yes,“ I said. „It’s true.““Yes, sir,“ cheap jimmy choo he corrected me, but I didn’t say anything.
„I’m disappointed in you,“ he went on. „You know damn good and well that you are to respect your parents.““Dad, Mom’s not sick, she’s playing hooky,“ I said. „She has to take her obligations more seriously. jimmy choo handbags She has to grow up a little.““Who do you think you are?“ he asked. „She’s your mother.““Then why doesn’t she act like one?“ I looked at Dad for what felt like a very long moment. Then I blurted out. „And why don’t you act like a dad?“I could see the blood surge in jimmy choo shoes h&m to his face. He grabbed me by the arm. „You apologize for that comment!““Or what?“ I asked.
Dad shoved me up against the wall. „Or by God I’ll sh christian louboutin ow you who’s boss around here.“His face was inches from mine. „What are you going to do to punish me?“ I asked. „Stop taking me to bars?“Dad drew back his hand as if to smack me. „You watch yo cheap jimmy choo ur mouth, young lady. I can still whip your butt, and don’t think I won’t.““You can’t be serious,“ I said.
Dad dropped his hand. He pulled his belt out of the loops on his work pants and wrapped it a couple of times around his knuckles.
„Apologize to me and to your mother,“ he said.
„No.“Dad raised the belt. „Apologize.““No.““Then bend over.“Dad was standing between me and the door. There was no way out except through him. But it never occurred to me to either run or fight. Th jimmy choo uk e way I saw it, he was

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