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se it, my girl,“ Coeur-de-fer rejoined, „you must serve either our pleasures or our interests; your poverty imposes the yoke upon you, and you have got to adapt to it. But, Therese, and well you know it, there is nothing in this world that cannot be somehow arranged: so listen to me, and accept the management of your own fate: agree to live with me, dear girl, consent to belong to me and be pro jimmychoohandbags perly my own, and I will spare you the baneful role for which you are destined.“
Chapter 8
„I, Sir, I become the mistress of a -“
„Say the word, Therese, out with it: a scoundrel, eh? Oh, I admit it, but I have no other ti jimmy choo tles to offer you jimmy choo bridal ; that our sort does not marry you are doubtless well aware: marriage is one of the sacraments, Therese, and full of an undiscriminating contempt for them all, with none do we ever bother. However, be a little reasonable; that sooner or later you lose what is so dear to you is an indispensable necessity, hence would it not be bet jimmy choo sale ter to sacrifice it to a single man who there cheap jimmy choo upon will become your support and protector, is that not better, I say, than to be prostituted to everyone?“
„But why must it be,“ I replied, „that I have no other alternative?“
„Because, Therese, we have got you, and because the stronger is always the better reason; La Fontaine made the remark ages ago. Truthfully,“ he continued rapid jimmy choo outlet ly, „is it not a ridiculous extravagance to assign, as you do, such a cheap jimmy choo great value to the m jimmy choo uk ost futile of a christian louboutin ll things? jimmy choo h&m How can a girl be so dull-witted as to believe that virtue may depend upon the somewhat greater or lesser diameter of one of her physical parts ? What difference does it make to God or man whether this part be intact or tampered with? I will go further: it being the intention of Nature that each individual fulfill on this earth all of the purposes for which he has been formed, and women existing only to provide pleasure for men, it is plainly to outrage her thus to resist the intention she has in your regard. It is to wish to be a creature useless in this world and consequently one contemptible. This chimerical propriety, which they have had the absurdity to present to you as a virtue and which, since infancy, far from being useful to Nature and society, is an obvio jimmy choo wedding shoes us defiance of the jimmy choo shoes h&m one and the other, this propriety, I say, is no more than a reprehensible stubbornness of which a person as mettlesome and full o cheap jimmy choo uk f intelligence as you should not wish to be guilty. No

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