Do be our escort

bly expanded under her interest. Few women except Suellen had ever given him morethan perfunctory courtesy and it was very flattering to have a former belle like Scarlett hanging onhis words. He slowed the horse so they would not reach home before he had finished his story.
“I’m not a millionaire, Miss Scarlett, and considering the money I used to have, what I’ve gotnow sounds small. But I madeathousand dollars this year. Of course, five hundred of it went topaying for new stock and repairing the store and paying the rent. But I’ve made five hundred clearand as things are certainly picking up, I ought to clear two thousand next year. I can sure use it,too, for you see, I’ve got another iron in the fire.”
Interest had sprung up sharply in her at the talk of money. She veiled her eyes with thick bristlylashes and moved a little closer to him.
“What does that mean, Mr. Kennedy?”
He laughed and slapped the reins against the horse’s back.
“I guess I’m boring you, talking about business, Miss Scarlett. A pretty little woman like youdoesn’t nike air max 90 sale need to know anything about business.”
The old fool.
“Oh, I know I’m a goose about business but I’m so interested! Please tell me all about it and youcan explain what I don’t understand.”
“Well, my other iron is a sawmill.”
“A what?”
“A mill to cut up lumber and plane it. I haven’t bought it yet but I’m going to. There’s a mannamed Johnson who has one, way out Peachtree road, and he’s anxious to sell it. He needs somecash right away, so he wants to sell and stay and run it for me at a weekly wage. It’s one of the fewmills in this section, Miss Scarlett. The Yankees destroyed most of them. And anyone who own s a sawmill owns a gold mine, for nowadays you can ask your own price for lumber. The Yankeesburned so many houses here and there aren’t enough for people to live in and it looks like folkshave gone crazy about rebuilding. They can’t get enough lumber and they can’t get it fast enough.
People are just pouring into Atlanta now, all the folks from the country districts who can’t make ago of farming without darkie nike air max classic s and the Yankees and Carpetbaggers who are swarming in trying topick our bones a little barer than they already are. I tell you Atlanta’s going to be a big town soon.
They’ve got to have lumber for their houses, so I’m going to buy this mill just as soon as—well, assoon as some of the bills owing me are paid. By this time next year, I ought to be breathing easierabout money. I—I guess you know why I’m so anxious to make money quickly, don’t you?”
He blushed and cackled again. He’s thinking of Suellen, Scarlett thought in disgust.
For a moment she considered asking him to lend her three hundred dollars, but wearily sherejected the idea. He would be embarrassed; he would stammer, he would offer excuses, but hewouldn’t lend it to her. He had worked hard for it, so he could marry Suellen in the spring and if heparted wi nike air max 90 th it, his wedding would be postponed indefinitely. Even if she worked on his sympathiesand his duty toward his future family and gained his promise of a loan, she knew Suellen wouldnever permit it. Suellen was getting more and more worried over the fact that she was practicallyan old maid and she would move heaven and earth to prevent anything from delaying her marriage.
What was there in that whining complaining girl to make this old fool so anxious to give her asoft nest? Suellen didn’t deserve a loving husband and the profits of store and a sawmill. Theminute Sue got her hands little money she’d give herself unendurable airs and never contributeonecenttowardtheu(on) pk(a) eep of Tara. Not Suellen! She’d think herself well out of it andnot care if Tara went for taxes or burned to the ground, so long as she had pretty cheap nike air max clothes and a“Mrs.” in front of her name.
As Scarlett thought of Suellen’s secure future and the precarious one of herself and Tara, angerflamed in her at the unfairness of life. Hastily she looked out of the buggy into the muddy street,lest Frank should see her expression. She was going to lose everything she had, while Sue—Suddenly a determination was born in her.
Suellen should not have Frank and his store and his mill!
Suellen didn’t deserve them. She was going to have them herself. She thought of Tara andremembered Jonas Wilkerson, venomous as a rattler, at the foot of the front steps, and she graspedat the last straw floating above the shipwreck of her life. Rhett had failed her but the Lord hadprovided Frank.
But can I get him? Her fingers clenched as she looked unseeingly into the rain. Can I make himforget cheap nike air max Sue and propose to me real quick? If I could make Rhett almost propose, I know I could getFrank! Her eyes went over him, her lids flickering. Certainly, he’s no beauty, she thought coolly,and he’s got very bad teeth and his breath smells bad and he’s old enough to be my father. Moreover,he’s nervous and timid and well meaning, and I don’t know of any more damning qualities aman can have. But at least, he’s a gentleman and I believe I could stand living with him better thanwith Rhett. Certainly I could manage him easier. At any rate, beggars can’t be choosers.
That he was Suellen’s fiancé caused her no qualm of conscience. After the complete moral collapse which had sent her to Atlanta and to Rhett, the appropriation of her sister’s betrothedseemed a minor affair and one not to be bothered with at this time.
With the r nike air max ousing of fresh hope, her spine stiffened and she forgot that her feet were wet andcold. She looked at Frank so steadily, her eyes narrowing, that he became somewhat alarmed andshe dropped her gaze swiftly, remembering Rhett’s words: “I’ve seen eyes like yours above adueling pistol. … They evoke no ardor in the male breast.”
“What’s the matter, Miss Scarlett? You got a chill?”
“Yes,” she answered helplessly. “Would you mind—” She hesitated timidly. “Would you mind ifI put my hand in your coat pocket? It’s so cold and my muff is soaked through.”
“Why—why—of course not! And you haven’t any gloves! My, my, what a brute I’ve beenidling along like this, talking my head off when you must be freezing and wanting to get to a fire.
Giddap, Sally! By the way, Miss Scarlett, I’ve been so busy talking about myself I haven’t evenasked you what you were doing in this section nike air max 2013 in this weather?”
“I was at the Yankee headquarters,” she answered before she thought. His sandy brows went upin astonishment.
“But Miss Scarlett! The soldiers— Why—”
“Mary, Mother of God, let me think of a real good lie,” she prayed hastily. It would never do forFrank to suspect she had seen Rhett. Frank thought Rhett the blackest of blackguards and unsafefor decent women to speak to.
“I went there—I went there to see if—if any of the officers would buy fancy work from me tosend home to their wives. I embroider very nicely.”
He sank back against the seat aghast, indignation struggling with bewilderment.
“You went to the Yankees— But Miss Scarlett! You shouldn’t. Why—why … Surely your fatherdoesn’t know! Surely, Miss Pittypat—”
“Oh, I shall die if you tell Aunt Pittypat!” she cried in real anxiety and burst into tears. It waseasy to cry, because she was nike air max sale so cold and miserable, but the effect was startling. Frank could nothave been more embarrassed or helpless if she had suddenly begun disrobing. He clicked histongue against his teeth several times, muttering “My! My!” and made futile gestures at her. Adaring thought went through his mind that he should draw her head onto his shoulder and pat herbut he had never done this to any woman and hardly knew how to go about it. Scarlett O’Hara, sohigh spirited and pretty, crying here in his buggy. Scarlett O’Hara, the proudest of the proud, tryingto sell needlework to the Yankees. His heart burned.
She sobbed on, saying a few words now and then, and he gathered that all was not well at Tara.
Mr. O’Hara was still “not himself at all,” and there wasn’t enough food to go around for so many.
So she had to come to Atlanta to try to make a little money for herself and her boy. Frank clickedhis tongue again and suddenly he found that her head was on his shoulder. He did not quite knowhow it got there. Surely he had not placed it there, but there her head was and there was Scarletthelplessly sobbing against his thin chest, an exciting and novel sensation for him. He patted hershoulder timidly, gingerly at first, and when she did not rebuff him he became bolder and patted her firmly. What a helpless, sweet, womanly little thing she was. And how brave and silly to try herhand at making money by her needle. But dealing with the Yankees—that was too much.
“I won’t tell Miss Pittypat, but you must promise me, Miss Scarlett, that you won’t do anythinglike this again. The idea of your father’s daughter—”
Her wet green eyes sought his helplessly.
“But, Mr. Kennedy, I must do something. I must take care of my poor little boy and there is noone to look after us now.”
“You are a brave little woman,” he pronounced, “but I won’t have you do this sort of thing. Yourfamily would die of shame.”
“Then what will I do?” The swimming eyes looked up to him as if she knew he knew everythingand was hanging on his words.
“Well, I don’t know right now. But I’ll think of something.”
“Oh, I know you will! You are so smart—Frank.”
She had never called him by his first name before and the sound came to him as a pleasant shockand surprise. The poor girl was probably so upset she didn’t even notice her slip. He felt verykindly toward her and very protecting. If there was anything he could do for Suellen O’Hara’ssister, he would certainly do it. He pulled out a red bandanna handkerchief and handed it to her andshe wiped her eyes and began to smile tremulously.
“I’m such a silly little goose,” she said apologetically. “Please forgive me.”
“You aren’t a silly little goose. You’re a very brave little woman and you are trying to carry tooheavy a load. I’m afraid Miss Pittypat isn’t going to be much help to you. I hear she lost most ofher property and Mr. Henry Hamilton’s in bad shape himself. I only wish I had a home to offer youshelter in. But, Miss Scarlett, you just remember this, when Miss Suellen and I are married, there’llalways be a place for you under our roof and for Wade Hampton too. nike air max 95 ”
Now was the time! Surely the saints and angels watched over her to give her such a Heaven-sentopportunity. She managed to look very startled and embarrassed and opened her mouth as if tospeak quickly and then shut it with a pop.
“Don’t ten me you didn’t know I was to be your brother-in-law this spring,” he said withnervous jocularity. And then, seeing her eyes fill up with tears, he questioned in alarm: “What’s thematter? Miss Sue’s not ill, is she?”
“Oh, no! No!”
“There is something wrong. You must tell me.”
“Oh, I can’t! nike air max canada I didn’t know! I thought surely she must have written you— Oh, how mean!”
“Miss Scarlett, what is it?”
“Oh, Frank, I didn’t mean to let it out but I thought, of course, you knew—that she had writtenyou—”
“Written me what?” He was trembling.
“Oh, to do this to a fine man like you!”
“What’s she done?”
“She didn’t write you? Oh, I guess she was too ashamed to write you. She should be ashamed!
Oh, to have such a mean sister!”
By this time, Frank could not even get questions to his lips. He sat staring at her, gray faced, thereins slack in his hands.
“She’s going to marry Tony Fontaine next month. Oh, I’m so sorry, Frank. So sorry to be the oneto tell you. She just got tired of waiting and she was afraid she’d be an old maid.”
Mammy was standing on the front porch when Frank helped Scarlett out of the buggy. She hadevidently been standing there for some time, for her head rag was damp and the old shawl clutchedtightly about her showed rain spots. Her wrinkled black face a study in anger and apprehensionandherlipwaspushedoutfartherthanScarlettcouldeve(w nike air max 1 as) r remember. She peeredquickly at Frank and, when she saw who it was, her face changed— pleasure, bewilderment andsomething akin to guilt spreading over it. She waddled forward to Frank with pleased greetingsand grinned and curtsied when he shook her hand.
“It sho is good ter see home folks,” she said. “How is you, Mist’ Frank? My, ain’ you lookin’
fine an’ gran’! Effen Ah’d knowed Miss Scarlett wuz out wid you, Ah wouldn’ worrit so. Ah’dknowed she wuz tekken keer of. Ah come back hyah an’fine she gone an’Ah been as ‘stracted as achicken wid its haid off, thinkin’ she runnin’ roun’ dis town by herseff wid all dese trashy freeissue niggers on de street. Huccome you din’ tell me you gwine out, honey? An’ you wid a cole!”
Scarlett winked slyly at Frank and, for all his distress at the bad news he had just heard, hesmiled, knowing she was enjoining silence and making him one in a pleasant conspiracy.
“You run up and fix me some dry clothes, Mammy,” she said. “And some hot tea.”
“Lawd, yo’ new dress is plum ruint,” grumbled Mammy. “Ah gwine have a time dryin’ it an’
brushin’ it, so it’ll be fit ter be wo’ ter de weddin’ ternight.”
She went into the house and Scarlett leaned close to Frank and whispered: “Do come to suppertonight. We are so lonesome. And we’re going to the wedding afterward. Do be our escort! And,please don’t say anything to Aunt Pitty about—about Suellen. It would distress her so much and Ican’t bear for her to know that my sister—”
cheap nike air max trainers “Oh, I won’t! I won’t!” Frank said hastily, wincing from the very thought.

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