we will gain Bondy

; I will introduce you tomorrow.“
In my turn filled with gratitude, I approve a project which seems so well suited to me; we repose at Luzarches for the rest of the day and on the morrow, it is our plan, we will gain Bondy, but six leagues distant.
„The weather is fine,“ Saint-Florent says to me, „trust me, Therese; it will be most enjoyable to go afoot; we will reach my relative’s estate, willtellof our adventur jimmy choo wedding shoes e, and this manner of arriving, I should think, will make you appear in a still more interesting light.“
Having not the faintest suspicion of this monster’s designs, and far from imagining that I was to be less safe with him than I had been when in the infamous company I had left, I agree to everything; we dine together; he not so much as murmurs when for t jimmy choo uk he night I take a chamber separate from his, and after having waited until the warmest part of the day is past, certain of what he tells me, that four or five hours will suffice to bring us to his relative’s, we leave Luzarches and strike out on foot for Bondy.
Chapter 11
It was toward four o’clock in the afternoon when we entered the forest. Until then Saint-Florent had not once contradict cheap jimmy choo ed himself: always the same propriety, always the same eagerness to prove jimmy choo sale his sentiments for me; I should not have thought myself more secure had I been with my father. The shades of night began to descend upon the forest and to inspire that kind of religious horror which at once causes the birth of fear in timorous spirits and crim jimmy choo outlet inal projects in ferocious hearts. We followed mere paths; I was walking ahead, and I turned to jimmy choo ask Saint-Florent whether these obscure trails were really the ones we ought to be following, whether perchance he had not lost his bearings, whether he thought we were going to arrive soon.
„We have arrived, whore,“ the villain jimmy choo h&m replied, toppling me with a blow of his cane brought down upon my head; I fell unconscious… Oh, Madame, I have no idea what that man afterward said or did; but the state I was in when I returned to my senses advised me only too well to christian louboutin what point I had been his victim. I was darkest night jimmy choo bridal when I awoke; I was at the foot of a tree, away from any road, injured, bleeding… dishonored, Madame; such had been the reward of all I had just done for the unlucky man; and carrying infamy to cheap jimmy choo uk its ultimate degree, the wretch, after having done to me all he had wished, after having abused me in e cheap jimmy choo very manner, even in that which most outrages Nature, had taken my purse… containing the same money I had s jimmy choo handbags o generously offered him. He had torn my clothing, most of it lay in shreds and ribbons about me, I was virtually naked, and several parts of my body were lacerated, clawed; you may appreciate my situation: there in the depths of the night, without resources, without honor, without hope, exposed to every peril: I wished to put an end to my days: had a weapon jimmy choo shoes h&m been presented to me, I would have laid hands

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