and rearranged the remaining watches to

walked around the mountain to apply for the job.
I pushed open the door, jangling thlouis vuitton wholesalee bells hanging overhead. Becker’s Jewel Box was a fancy store, the kind of place I never had occasion to go into, with a humming air conditioner and buzzing fluorescent lights. Locked glass display cases held rings and necklaces and brooches, and a few guitars and banjos hung on the pine-board-paneledwallsto diversify the merchandise. Mr. Becker was leaning on the counter with his fingers interlocked. He had a stomach so big that his thin black belt reminded me of the equator circling the globe.
I was afraid that Mr. Becker wouldn’t give me the job if he knew I was only thirteen, so I told him I was seventeen. He hired me on the spot fo cheap louis vuitton r forty dollars a week, in cash. I was thrilled. It was my first real job. Babysitting and tutoring and doing other kids’ homework and mowing lawns and redeeming bottles and sellilouis vuittonng scrap metal didn’t count. Forty dollars a week was serious money.
* * *I liked the work. People buying jewelry were always happy, and even though Welch was a poor town, Becker’s Jewel Box had plenty of customers: older miners buying their wives a mother’s pin, a brooch with Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags/Shoes/Belts/Luggage/Sunglasses/Wallets UK Sale a birthstone for each of her children; teenage couples sh opping for engagement rings, the girl giggling with excitement, the boy acting proud and manly.
During the slow spells, Mr. Becker and I watched the Watergate hearings on a little black-and-white TV. Mr. Becker was captivated by John Dean’s wife, Maureen, who sat behind her husband when he was testifying and wore elegant clothes and pulled her blond hair back in a tight bun. „Hot damn, that’s one classy broad,“ Mr. Becker would say. Sometimes, after watching Maureen Dean, Mr. Becker cheap louis vuitton beltsgot so randy that he came behind me while I was cleaning the display case and rubbed up against my backside. I’d pull his hands off and walk away without saying a word, and that horndog would return to the television as if nothing had happened.
When Mr. Becker went across the street to the Mountaineer Diner for lucheap louis vuitton shoesnch, he always took the key to the display case that held the diamond rings. If customers came in wanting to look at the rings, I had to run across the street to get him. Once he forgot to take the key, and when he returned, he madcheap louis vuitton bags uke a big point of counting the rings in front of me. It was his way of letting me know he didn’t trust me in the slightest. One day after Mr. Becker had come back from lunch and ostentatiously checked the display cases, I was so furious that I looked around to see if there was ancheap louis vuitton bagsything in the entire darn store worth stealing. Necklaces, brooches, banjos梟one of them did anything for me. And then the watch displlouis vuitton outletay caught my eye.
I had always wanted a watch. Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet. That was the kind of person I wanted to be. Dozens of watches ticked away louis vuitton handbagsin the counter behind the cash register. There was one in particular that made me ache. It had four different-colored bands梑lack, brown, blue, and white梥o you could change your watchband to match your outfit. It had a price tag of $29.95, ten dollars short of a week’s salary. But if I wanted, it could be mine in an instant, and for free. The more I thought about that watch, the more it called to me.
One day the woman who worked at the cheap louis vuittonstore Mr. Becker owned in War stopped by. Mr. Becker wanted her to give me some beauty tips. While she was showing me her different makcheap louis vuitton handbagseup applicators, the woman, who had stiff platinum hair and eyelashes tarred in mascara, told me I must be earning a truckload in commissions. When I asked her what she meant, she said that in addition to her forty-dollar-a-week salary, she made 10 percent on every sale. Her commissions were sometimes double her salary. „Hell, welfare’ll get you more than forty bucks a week,“ she said. „If you’re not getting commissions, Becker’s stiffing you.“When I asked Mr. Becker about commissions, he said they were for salespeople and I was just an assistant. The next day, when Mr. Becker went off to the Mountaineer, I opened the display case and took out the four-band watch. I slipped it into my handbag and rearranged the remaining watches to

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