eyes with seeing such beautiful verdure

have failed to see some of them.“ * **Wednesday, October 17. He left the town at noon and prepared to sailround the island. He had meant to go by the south and southeast. But asMartin Alonzo Pinzon, captain of the Pinta, had heard, from one of theIndians he had on board, that it would be quicker to start by the northwest,and as the wind was <a title="Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags/Shoes/Belts/Luggage/Sunglasses/WalletsUKSale“ href=““>Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags/Shoes/Belts/Luggage/Sunglasses/Wallets UK Sale favorablcheap louis vuitton bagse for this course, Columbus took it. He founda fine harbor two leagues further on, where he found some friendlyIndians, and sent a party ashore for water. „During this time,“ he scheap louis vuitton shoesays, „Iwent [to look at] these trees, which were the most beautiful things to see which have been seen; there was as much verdure in the same degree as inthe month of May in Andalusia, and all the trees were as different fromours as the day from the night. And so [were] the f cheap louis vuitton ruits, and the herbs, andthe stones and everything. The truth is that some trees had a resemblanceto others which there are in Castile, but there was a very great difference.
And other trees of other sorts were such that there is no one who could * ** liken them to others of Castile. * * *“The others who went for water told me how they had been in theirhouses, and tlouis vuitton wholesalehat they were very well swept and clean, and their beds andfurniture [made] of things which are like nets of cotton.[*] Their housesare all like pavilions, and very high and good chcheap louis vuitton beltsimneys.[**] [*] They arecalled Hamacas.
[**] Las Casas says they were not meant for smoke but as a crown, forthey have no opening below for the smoke.
„But I did not see, among many towns which I saw, any of more thantwelve or fifteen houses. * * * And there they had dogs. * * * And therethey found one man who had on his nose a piece of gold which was likehalf a castellano, ocheap louis vuitton handbagsn which there were cut letters.[*] I blamed them for notbargaining for it, and giving as much as was asked, to see what it was, andwhose coin it was; and they answered me that they did not dare to barterit.“[*] A castellano was a piece of gold, money, weighing alouis vuitton handbagsbout one-sixthof an ounce.
He continued towards the northwest, then turned his course to theeast-southeast, east and southeast. The weather being thick and heavy, and“threatening im mediate rain. So all these days since I have been in theseIndies it has rained little or much.“Friday, October 19. Columbus, who had not landed the day before,now sent two caravels, one to the east and southeast and the other to thesouth-southeast, while he himself, with the Santa Maria, the SHIP, as hecalls it, went to the southeast. He ordered the caravels to keep theircourses till noon, and then join him. This they did, at an island to the east,which he named Isabella, the Indians whom he had with him calling itSaomete. It has been supposed to be the island now called Inagua Grande.
cheap louis vuitton bags uk „All this coast,“ says the Admiral, „and the part of the island which Isaw, is all nearly flat, and the island the most beautiful thing I ever saw,for if the others are very beautiful this one is more so.“ He anchored at acape whiccheap louis vuittonh was so beautiful that he named it Cabo Fermoso, the BeautifulCape, „so green and so beautiful,“ he says, „like all the other things andlands of these islands, that I dlouis vuittono not klouis vuitton outletnow where to go first, nor can I wearymy eyes with seeing such beautiful verdure and so different from ours.
And I believe that there are in them many herbs and many trees, which areof great value in Spain for dyes [or tinctures] and for medicines of spicery.
But I do not know them, which I

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