Snow flurries. Snow warnings

Snow flurries. Snow warnings. Driving snow. Blowing snow. Deep and drifting snow. Accumulations, devastations.
The old people shopped in a panic. When TV didn’t fill them with rage, it scared them half to death. They whisperedto each other in the checkout lines. Traveler’s advisory, zero visibility. When does it hit? How many inches? Howmany days? They became secretive, shifty, appeared to withholdthelatest and worst news from others; appeared toblend a cheap nike free run cunning with their haste, tried to hurry out before someone questioned the extent of their purch nike free 3.0 sale ases. Hoardersin a war. Greedy, guilty.
I saw Murray in the generic food area, carrying a Teflon skillet. I stopped to watch him for a while. He talked to fouror five people, occasionally pausing to scrawl some notes in a spiral book. He managed to write with the skilletwedged awkwardly un nike free run plus der his arm.
Wilder called out to him, a tree-top screech, and I wheeled the cart over.
„How is that good woman of y nike free trainers uk ours?““Fine,“ I said.
„Does this kid talk yet?““Now and then. He likes to pick his spots.““You know that matter you helped me with? The Elvis Presley power struggle?““ cheap nike free run 2 Sure. I came in and lectured.““It turns out, tragically, that I would have won anyway.““What happened?““Cotsakis, my rival, is no longer among the living.““What does that mean?““It means he’s dead.““Dead?““Lost in the surf off Malibu. During the term break. I found out an hour ago. Came right here.“I was suddenly aware of the dense environmental texture. The automatic doors opened and closed, breathingabruptly. Colors and odors seemed sharper. The sound of gliding feet emerged from a dozen other noises, from thesu nike free run 2 review blit nike free review toral drone of maintenance systems, from the rustle of newsprint as sh nike free 5.0 v4 oppers scanned their horoscopes in thetabloids up front, from the nike free running shoes whispers of elderly women with talcumed faces, from the steady rattle of cars going overa loose manhole cover just outside the entrance. Gliding feet. I heard them clearly, a sad numb shuffle in every aisle.
„How are the girls?“ Murray said.
„Fine.““Back i n school?““Yes.““Now that the scare is over.““Yes. Steffie no longer wears her protective mask.““I want to buy some New York cuts,“ he said, gesturing toward the butcher.
The phrase seemed familiar, but what did it mean?
„Unpackaged meat, fresh bread,“ he went on. „Exotic fruits, rare cheeses. Products from twenty countries. It’s likebeing at some crossroads of the ancient world, a Persian bazaar or boom town on the Tigris. How are you, Jack?“What did he mean, how are you?
„Poor Cotsakis, lost in the surf,“ I said. „That enormous man.““That’s the one.““I don’t know what to say.““He was big all ri nike free ght.““Enormously so.““I don’t k nike free 3.0 review now what to say either. Except better him than me.““He must have weighed three hundred pounds.““Oh, easily.““What do you think, two ninety, three hundred?““Three hundred easily.““Dead. A big man like that.“, „What can we say?““I thought I was big.““He was on another level. You’re big on your level.““Not that I knew him. I didn’t know him at all.““It’s better not knowing them when they die. It’s better them than nike free run 3.0 us.““To be so enormous. Then

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