and the floorboards had turned spong

ori was taking her bath; and Mom was at the table in Grandpa’s room working on a crossword puzzle. I felt Stanley’s hand creeping onto my thigh. I looked at him, but he was staring at the Hee cheap nike free run Haw Honeys so intently that I couldn’t be sure he was doing it on purpose, so I knocked his hand away without saying anything. A few minutes later, the hand came creeping back. I lookeddownand saw that Uncle Stanley’s pants were unzipped and he was playing with himself nike free run 2 review . I felt like hitting him, but I was afraid I’d get in trouble the way Lori had after punching Erma, so I hurried out to Mom.
„Mom, Uncle Stanley is behaving inappropriately,“ I said.
„Oh, you’re probably imagining it,“ she said.
„He groped me! And he’s wanking off!“Mom cocked her head and looked concerned. „Poor Stanley,“ she said. „He’s so lonely.““But it was gross!“Mom asked me if I was okay. I shrugged and nodded. „Well, there you go,“ she said. She said that sexual assault was a crime of perception. nike free running shoes „If you don’t think you’re hurt, then nike free 5.0 v4 you aren’t,“ she said. „So many women make such a big deal out of these things. But you’re stronger than that.“ She went back to her crossword puzzle.
After that, I refused to go back to Grandpa’s. Being strong was fine, but the last thing I needed was Uncle Stanley thinking I was coming back for more of his fooling around. I did whatever it took to wash myself at Little Hobart Street. In the kitchen, we had an aluminum tub you could fit into if you pulled your legs up against your chest. By then the weather was warm enough to fill the tub with water from the tap under the house and bathe in the kitchen. After the bath, I crouched by the side of the tub and dipped my nike free run 3.0 head in the water and washed my hair. But lugging all those buckets of water up to the house was hard work, and I would put off bathing until I was f nike free run plus eeling pretty gamy.
* * *In the spring, the rains came, drenching the valley for days in sheets of falling water. The water ran down the hillside gullies, pulling rocks a cheap nike free run 2 nd small trees wit h it, and spilled across the roads, tearing off chunks of asphalt. It gushed into the creeks, which swelled up and turned a foaming light brown, like a chocolate milk shake. The creeks emptied into the Tug, which overflowed its banks and flooded the houses and stores along McDowell Street. Mud was four feet deep in some houses, and folks’ pickups and mobile homes were swept away. Over in B nike free uffalo Creek Hollow, a mine impoundment gave way, and a wave of black water thirty feet high killed 126 people. Mom said that this was how nature took her revenge on men who raped and pillaged the land, ruining nature’s own drainage system by clear-cutting forests and strip-mining mountains.
nike free trainers uk Little Hobart Street was too high up in the hollow to get any flooding, but the rain washed parts of the road into the yards of the people who lived below us. The water also ate away some of the soil from around the pillars holding up our house, making it even more precarious. The hole in the kitchen ceiling widened, and then the ceiling on Brian and Maureen’s side of the bedroom started leaking. Brian had the top bunk, and when it rained, he’d spread a tarp over himself to keep the dripping water off.
Everything in the house nike free 3.0 sale was damp nike free 3.0 review . A fine green mold spread over the books and papers and paintings that were stacked so high and piled so deep you could hardly cross the room. Tiny mushrooms sprouted up in corners. The moisture ate away at the wooden stairs leadi nike free review ng up to the house, and climbing them became a daily hazard. Mom fell through a rotted step and went tumbling down the hillside. She had bruises on her legs and arms for weeks. „My husband doesn’t beat me,“ she’d say when anyone stared at them. „He just won’t fix the stairs.“The porch had also started to rot. Most of the banisters and railing had given way, and the floorboards had turned spong

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