change a thousand thousand times

carefully closes the door and flings himself into an armchair.
„Listen to me, Therese,“ and there is a note of embarrassment in his voice, „I have things of the greatest importance to say to you; swear to nike free me you will never reveal any of them.“
„Monsieur,“ I reply, „do you think me capable of abusing your confidence?“
„You have no nike free run 3.0 idea what you would be risking– wereyou to prove to me I had made a mistake in trusting you!“
„The most frightful of all my woes should be to lose your trust, I have no need of greater menaces….“
„Ah then, Therese, I have condemned my aunt to die . . . and it is your hand I must employ.“
„My hand!“ I cried, recoiling in fright, „have you been able, Monsieur, to conceive such projects?… no, dispose cheap nike free run of my life if you must, but imagine not you will ever obtain from me the horror you propose.“
„Hear me, Therese,“ says the Count, reasoning with me calmly, „I indeed foresaw your distaste for t cheap nike free run 2 he idea but, as you have wit and verve, I flattered myself with the belief I could vanquish your feelings… could prove to you that this crime, which seems to you of such enormity, is, at bottom, a very banal affair.
„Two misde nike free review eds present themselves, Therese, to your not very philosophic scrutiny: the destruction of a creature bearing a resemblance to us, and the evil with which this destruction is augmented when the said creature is one of our near kinsmen. With regard to the crime of destroying one’s fellow, be persuaded, dear girl, it is purely hallucinatory; man has not been accorded the power to destroy; he has nike free run plus at best the nike free 3.0 sale capacity to alter forms, but lacks that required to annihilate them: well, every form is of equal worth in Nature’s view; nothing is lost in the immense melting pot where variations are wrought: all the material masses which fall into it spring incessantly forth in other shapes, and whatsoever be our interventions in this process, not one of them, needless to say, outrages her, not one is capable of offending her.
Our depredations revive her power; they stimulate her energy, but not one attenuates her; she is neither impeded nor thwarted by any…. Why! what difference does it make to her creative hand if this mass of flesh today wearing the conformation of a bipedal individual is reproduced tomorrow in the guise of a handful of centipedes? Dare one say that the construction of this two-legged animal costs her any more nike free trainers uk than that of an earthworm, and that she should take a greater interest in the one than in the other? If then the degree of attachment, or rather of indifference, is the same, what can it be. to her if, by one man’s sword, another man is transspeciated into a fly or a blade of grass? When they will have convinced me of the sublimity of our species, when they will have demonstrated to me that it is real nike free run 2 review ly so important to Nature, that her laws are necessarily violated by this transmutation, then I will be able to believe that murder is a crime; but when the most tho nike free 3.0 review ughtful and sober study has proven to me that everything that vegetates upon this globe is of equal value in her eyes, I shall never concede that the alteration of one of these creatures into a thousand others can in any sense upset her intentions or sort ill w nike free running shoes ith her desires. I say to myself: all men, all animals, all plants growing, feeding, destroying and reproducing themselves by the same means, never undergoing a real death, but a simple variation in what modifies them; all, I say, appearing today in one form and several years or hours later in another, all may, at the will of the being who wishes to move them, change a thousand thousand times in a sing nike free 5.0 v4 le day, without one of Nature’s directives being affected for one instant what do I say? wi

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