gold as large as an infant’s head gold as large as an infant’s head

ed them for it. Theyplanted seed nike free s of peas, beans, lettuces, cabbages and other vegetables, anddeclared that they grew more in eight days than they would have grown intwenty at home. They had fresh vegetables in sixteen days after theyplanted them; but for melons, pumpkins and other fruits of that so nike free 5.0 v4 rt, theyare g nike free running shoes enerous enough to allow thirty days.Theyhad carried out roots and suckers of the sugar-cane. In fifteen days the shoots were a cubit high. A farmer who had planted wheat in thebeginning of February had ripe grain in the beginning of April; so thatthey were sure of, at least, two crops in a year.
But the fertility of the soil was the only favorable token which nike free 3.0 sale theisland first exhibited. The climate was enervating and sickly. The labor onthe new city was hard and discouraging. Columbus found that his colonistswere badly fitted for their dut nike free 3.0 review y, or not fitted for it at all. Court gentlemendid not want to work. Priests expected to be put on better diet than anyother people. Columbus–though he lost his own popularity–insisted onputting all on equal fare, in sharing the supplies he had brought from Spain.
It did not requ cheap nike free run ire a long time to prove that nike free trainers uk the selection of the site of thecolony was unfortunate. Columbus himself gave way to the generaldisease. While he was ill, a mutiny broke out which he had to suppress bystrong measures.
Bornal Diaz, who ranked as comptro ller of the expedition, and FerminCedo, an assayer, made a plot for seizing the remaining ships and sailingfor Europe. News of the mutiny was brought to Columbus. He found adocument in the writing of Diaz, drawn as a memorial, accusingColumbus himself of grave crimes. He confined Diaz on board nike free run 3.0 a ship to besent to Spain with the memorial. He punished the mutineers of lower rank.
He took the guns and naval munitions from four of the vessels, andentrusted them all to a person in whom he had absolute confidence.
On the report of the exploring parties, four names were given t cheap nike free run 2 o asmany divisions of the island. nike free review Junna was the most western, Attibunia themost eastern, Jachen the norther nike free run 2 review n and Naiba the southern. Columbushimself, seeing the fortifications of the city well begun, undertook, inMarch, an exploration, of the island, with a force of five hundred men.
It was in the course of this exploration that one of the natives broughtin a gold-bearing stone which weighed an ounce. He was satisfied with alittle bell in exchange. He was surprised at the wonder expressed by theSpaniards, and showing a stone as large as nike free run plus a pomegranate, he said that hehad nuggets of gold as large as this at his home. Other Indians brought ingold-bearing stones which weighed more than an ounce. At their homes,also, but not in sight, alas, was a block of gold as large as an infant’s head.

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