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had seemed to himthat it would be good to take some persons, from those of that river, tocarry to the sovere Cheap buy nike air jordan basketball shoes igns, so that „they might learn our tongue, so as to knowwhat there is in the country, and so that when they come back they may betongues to the Christians, and receive our cus nike jordans son of mars toms and the things of thefaith. Because I sawandknow,“ says the Admiral, „that this people has noreligion (secta) nor are they idolaters, but very mild and without knowingwhat evil is, nor how to kill others, nor how to take them, and without arms, and so timorous that from one of our men ten of them fly, althoughthey do sport with them, and ready to believe and knowing that there is aGod in heaven, and sure that we have come from heaven; and very readyat any prayer which we tell them to repeat, and they make the sign of thecross.
„So yo nike air jordan ur Highnesses should determine to make them Christians, for Ibelieve that if they begin, in a short time they will have accomplishedconverting to our holy faith a multitude of towns.“ „Without doubt thereare in these lands the greatest quantities of gold, for not without cause dothese Indians whom I am bringing say that t here are places in these isleswhere they dig out gold and wear it on their necks, in their ears and ontheir arms and legs, and the bracelets are very thick.
„An nike jordans for kids d also there are stones and precious pearls, and unnumbered spices.
And in this Rio de Mares, from which I departed last night, witho nike jordans retro ut doubtthere is the greatest quantity of mastic, and there might be more if morewere desired. For the trees, if planted, take root, and there are many ofthem and very great and they have the leaf like a lentisk, and their fruit,except that the trees and the fruit nike jordans for men are larger, is such as Pliny describes, andI have seen in the Island of Chios in the Archipelago.
„And I had many of these trees tapped to see i cheap nike jordans f they would send outresin, so as to draw it out. And as it rained all the time I was at the saidriver, I could not g nike air jordans retro et any of it, except a very little which I am bringing toyour Highnesses. And besides, it may be that it is not the, time to tap them,for I believe that this should be done at the time when the trees begin toleave out from the winter and seek to send out their flowers, and now theyhave the fruit nearly ripe.
„And also here there might be had a great store of cotton, and I believethat it might be sold very well here without taking it to Spain, in the greatcities of the Great Khan, which will doubtless be discovered, and manyothers of o nike jordans retro 4 ther lords, who will then have to serve your Highnesses. Andhere will be given them other things from Spain, from the lands of the East,since these are ours in the West.
nike jordans release dates „And here there is also aloes everywhere, although this is not a thingto make great account of, but the mastic sh nike jordans ould be well considered, because it is not found except in the said island of Chios, and I believe thatthey get from it quite 50,000 ducats if I remember nike jordans cheap aright. And this is thebest harbor which I have seen thus far–deep and easy of access, so thatthis would be a good place for a large town.“The notes in Columbus’s journals are of the more interest and value,because they show his

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