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a kitty together and looked for a new place.
One month at Lori’s became two months and then three and four. Each time I visited, the apartment was more jam-packed. Mom hung paintings on the walls and stacked street finds in the living room and put colored bottles in the windows for that stained-glass effect. The stacks reached the ceiling, and then the livi nike jordans for men ng room filled up,andMom’s collectib nike jordans son of mars les and found art overflowed into the kitchen.
But it was Dad who was really getting to Lori. While he hadn’t found steady work, he always had mysterious ways of hustling up pocket money, and he’d come home at night drunk and gunning for an nike air jordan argument. Brian saw that Lori was on nike jordans retro 4 the verge of snapping, so he invited Dad to come live with him. He put a lock on the booze cabinet, but Dad had been there under a week when Brian came home and found that Dad had used a screwdriver to take the door off its hinges and then guzzled down every single bottle.
Brian didn’t lose his temper. He told Dad he had made a mistake by leaving liquor in the apartment. He said he’d allow Dad to stay, but Dad had to follow some rules, the first being that he stop drinking as long as he was there. „You’re the king of your own castle, a nike jordans retro nd that’s the way it should be,“ Dad replied. nike jordans release dates „But it’ll be a chilly day Cheap buy nike air jordan basketball shoes in hell before I bow to my own son.“ He and Mom still had the white van they’d driven up from West Virginia, and he started sleeping in that.
Lori, meanwhile, had given nike jordans for kids Mom a deadline to clean out the apartment. But the deadline came and went, and so did a second and a third. Also, Dad was always dropping by to visit Mom, but then they got into such screeching arguments that the neighbors banged on the walls. Dad starting fighting with them, too.
„I can’t take it anymore,“ Lori told me one day.
„Maybe you’re just going to have to kick Mom out,“ I said.
„But she’s my mother.““It doesn’t matter. She’s driving you crazy.“Lori finally agreed. It almost killed her to tell Mom cheap nike jordans she would have to leave, and she offered to do whatever it took to help her get reestablished, but Mom insisted she’d be fine.
„Lori’s doing the right thing,“ she said to me. „Sometimes you need a little crisis to get your adrenaline flowing and help you realize you nike jordans cheap r potential.“Mom and Tinkle moved int nike jordans o the van with Dad. They lived there for a few months, but one day they left it in a no-parking zone and it was towed. Because the van was unregistered, they couldn’t get it back. That night, they slept on a park bench. They were homeless. MOM AND DAD CALLED regularly from pay phones to check up on us, and once or twice a month, w nike air jordans retro e’d all get together at Lori’s.
„It’s not such a bad life,“ Mom told us after they’d b

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