island and went on to another

me is the reason why the Admiral’s, if h nike jordans cheap e kept one, has neverbeen preserved. Doctor Chanca’s narrative is our principal contempor Cheap buy nike air jordan basketball shoes aryaccount of the voyage. From later authorities much can be added to it, butall of them put together are not, for the purposes of history, equal to thesimple contemporaneous statement which we c nike jordansformen ould have had, hadColumbus’s own journal been preserved.
The great fleet sailed from Cadiz on the twenty-fifth day of September,in the year 1493, rather more than thirteen months after the sailing of thelittle fleet from Palos of the year before. They touched at the GrandCanary as before, but at this time their vessels were in good conditio nike air jordans retro n andthere was no dissatisfaction among the crews. From this time the voyageacross the ocean was short. On the third day of November, 11 the Sundayafter All Saints Day had dawned, a pilot on the ship cried out to thecaptain that he saw land. So great was the joy among the people, that itwas marvellous to hear the shouts of pleasure on all hands. And for this there was much reason because the people were so much fatigued by thehard life and b nike jordans for kids y the water which they drank that th nike jordans release dates ey all hoped for landwith much desire.“The reader will see that this is the ejaculation of a tired landsman; onemight say, of a tired scholar, who was glad that even the short voyage wasat an end. Some of the pilots supposed that the distance which they hadrun was eight hundred leagues from Ferro; others thought it was sevenhundred and eighty. As the light increased, there were two islands in sightthe first was mountainous, being the island of „Dominica,“ which stillretains that name, of the Sunday when it was discovered; the other, theisland of Maria Galante, is more level, but like the first, as it is describedby Dr. Chanca, it was well wooded. The island received its name from theship that Columbus commanded. In all, they discovered six islands on thisday.
Finding no har bor which satisfied him in Dominica, Co nike jordans lumbus landedon the island of Maria Galante, and took possession of it in the name ofthe king and queen. Dr. Chanca expresses the amazement which everyonehad felt on the other voyage, at the immense variety of trees, of fruits andof flowers, which to this hour is the joy of the nike jordans retro 4 traveller in the West Indies.
„In this island was such thi nike jordans son of mars ckness of forest that it was wonderful, andsuch a variety of trees, unknown to anyone, that it was terrible, some withfruit, some with flowers, so that everything was green. * * * There werewild fruits of different sorts, which some not very wise men tried, and, onmerely tasting t nike jordans retro hem, touching them with their tongues, their faces swelledand they had such great burning and pain that they seemed to rage (or tohave hydrophobia). They were cured with cold things.“ This fruit issuppose cheap nike jordans d to have been the manchireel, which is known to produce sucheffects.
nike air jordan They found no inhabitants on this island and went on to another, nowcalled Guadelo

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