His eyes were bent insistently

e fell dully in the room as Melanie did not take up the conversation again and, in thesilence, Scarlett heard the rising wind outside. It suddenly began to be a most unpleasant evening.
Now she began to feel the ten nike air max 1 sale sion in the air and she wondered if it had been present all during theevening—and she too upset to notice it. About Archie’s face there was an alert waiting look andhistufted, hairy old ears seemed pricked up like a lynx’s. There was a severely repressed uneasinessabout Melanie and India that made them raise their heads from their sewing at each sound ofhooves in the road, at each groan of bare branches under the wailing wind, at each scuffing soundof dry leaves tumbling across the lawn. They started at each soft snap of burning logs on the hearthas if they were stealthy footsteps.
Something was wrong and Scarlett wondered what it was. Something was afoot and she did notknow a nike air max 1 ebay bout it. A glance at Aunt Pitty’s plump guileless face, screwed up in a pout, told her that theold lady was as ignorant as she. But Archie and Mel nike air max 1 anie and India knew. In the silence she couldalmost feel the thoughts of India and Melanie whirling as madly as squirrels in a cage. They knewsomething, were waiting for something, despite their efforts to make things appear as usual. And their inner unease communicated itself to Scarlett, making her more nervous than before. Handlingher needle awkwardly, she jabbed it into her thumb and with a little scream of pain and annoyancethat made them all jump, she squeezed it until a bright red drop appeared.
“I’m just too nervous to sew,” she declared, throwing her mending to the floor. “I’m nervousenough to scream. I want to go home and go to bed. And Frank knew it and he oughtn’ nike air max 1 grey t to havegone out. He talks, talks, talks about protecting women against darkies and Carpetbaggers andwhen the time comes for him to do some protecti cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black ng, where is he? At home, taking care of me? No,indeed, he’s gallivanting around with a lot of other men who don’t do anything but talk and—”
Her snapping eyes came to rest on India’s face and she paused. India was breathing fast and herpale lashless eyes were fastened on Scarlett’s face with a deadly coldness.
“If it won’t pain you too much, India,” she broke off sarcastically, “I’d be much obliged if you’dtell me why you’ve been staring at me all evening. Has my face turned green or something?”
“It won’t pain me to tell you. I’ll do it with pleasure,” said India and her eyes glittered. “I hate tosee you underrate a fine man like Mr. Kennedy when, if you knew—”
“India!” said Melanie warningly, her hands clenching on her sewing.
“I think I know my husband better than you do,” said Scarlett, the prospect of a quarr nike air max 1 black el, the firstopen quarrel she had ever had with India, making her spirits rise and her nervousness depart.
Melanie’s eyes caught India’s and reluctantly India closed her lips. But almost instantly she spokeagain and her voice was cold with hate.
“You make me sick, Scarlett O’Hara, talking about being protected! You don’t care about beingprotected! If you did you’d never have exposed yourself as you have done all these months,prissing yourself about this town, showing yourself off to strange men, hoping they’ll admire you!
What happened to you this afternoon was just what you deserved and if there was any justiceyou’d have gotten worse.”
“Oh, India, hush!” cried Melanie.
“Let her talk,” cried Scarlett “I’m enjoying it. I always knew she hated me and she was toomuch of a hypocrite to admit it. If she thought anyone nike air max 1 leopard would admire her, she’d be walking thestreets naked from dawn till dark.”
India was on her feet her lean body quivering with insult.
“I do hate you,” she said in a clear but trembling voice. “But it hasn’t been hypocrisy that’s keptquiet It’s something you can’t understand, not possessing any—any common courtesy,com(me) mon good breeding. It’s the realization that if all of us don’t hang together and submerge ourown small hates, we can’t expect to beat the Yankees. But you—you—you’ve done all you couldto lower the prestige of decent people—working and bringing shame on a good husband, givingYankees and riffraff the right to laugh at us and make insulting remarks about our lack of gentility.
Yankees don’t know that you aren’t one of us and have never been. Yankees haven’t sense enoughto know that you haven’t any gentil cheap air max 1 ity. And when you’ve ridden about the woods exposingyourself to attack, you’ve exposed every well-behaved woman in town to attack by puttingtemptation in the ways of darkies and mean white trash. And you’ve put our men folks’ lives in danger because they’ve got to—”
“My God, India!” cried Melanie and even in her wrath, Scarlett was stunned to hear Melanietake the Lord’s name in vain. “You must hush! She doesn’t know an d she—you must hush! Youpromised—”
“Oh, girls!” pleaded Miss Pittypat, her lips trembling.
“What don’t I know?” Scarlett was on her feet, furious, facing the coldly blazing India and theimploring Melanie.
“Guinea hens,” said Archie suddenly and his voice was contemptuous. Before anyone couldrebuke him, his grizzled head went up sharply and he rose swiftly. “Somebody comin’ up the walk.
‘Tain’t Mr. W nike air max 1 red ilkes neither. Cease your cackle.”
There was male auth nike air max 1 ority in his voice and the women stood suddenly silent anger fading swiftlyfrom their faces as he stumped across the room to the door.
“Who’s thar?” he questioned before the caller even knocked.
“Captain Butler. Let me in.”
Melanie was across the floor so swiftly that her hoops swayed up violently, revealing herpantalets to the knees, and before Archie could put his hand on the knob she flung the door open.
Rhett Butler stood in the doorway, his black slouch hat low over his eyes, the wild wind whippinghis cape about him in snapping folds. For once his good manners had deserted him. He neithertook off his hat nor spoke to the others in the room. He had eyes for no one but Melanie and hespoke abruptly without greeting.
“Where have they gone? Tell me quickly. It’s life or death.”
Scarlett and Pitty, startled and bewildered, looked at each other in wonderment and, like a leanold cat, India streaked across the room cheap nike air max 1 to Melanie’s side.
“Don’t tell him anything,” she cried swiftly. “He’s a spy, a Scalawag!”
Rhett did not even favor her with a glance.
“Quickly, Mrs. Wilkes! There may still be time.”
Melanie seemed in a paralysis of terror and only stared into his face.
“What on earth—” began Scarlett.
“Shet yore mouth,” directed Archie briefly. “You too, Miss Melly. Git the hell out of here, youdamned Scalawag.”
“No, Archie, no!” cried Melanie and she put a shaking hand on Rhett’s arm as though to protecthim from Archie. “What has happened? How did—how did you know?”
On Rhett’s dark face impatience fought with courtesy.
“Good God, Mrs. Wilkes, they’ve all been under suspicion since the beginning—only they’vebeen too clever—until tonight! How do I know? I was playing poker tonight with two drunkenYankee captains and they let it out. The Yankees knew there’d be trouble tonight and they’ve prepared for it. The fools have walked into a trap.”
For a moment it was as though Melanie swayed under the impact of a heavy blow and nike air max 1 premium Rhett’sarm went around her waist to steady her.
“Don’t tell him! He’s trying to trap you!” cried India, glaring at Rhett. “Didn’t you hear him sayhe’d been with Yankee officers tonight?”
Still Rhett did not look at her. His eyes were bent insistently on Melanie’s white face.
“Tell me. Where did they go? Have they a meeting place?”

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