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one to the Pub, which was a notch below the Howdy House梐lmost pitch black, with a sticky bar top and no food at all. There he was, in the midst of a few other regulars, telling one of his air force stories.
When Dad saw me nike jordans for men , he stopped talking and looked at me the way he did every time I had to track him down in a bar. It was always an awkward moment for us both. I didn’t want to be fetching him any more than he wanted his ragamuffin daughter summoning him home like a wayward schoolboy. He looked at me in this cold, strange way for just a moment, then brok nike jordans son of mars e into a hearty grin.
„Hey, Mountain Goat!“ he shouted. „What the hell are you doing in this dive?““Mom says you have to come home,“ I said.
„She does, does she?“ He ordered a Coca-Cola for me and another shot of whiskey for himself. I kept telling Dad it was time to go, but he kept putting me off and ordering more shots, as if he had to gulp a whole bunch of them down before he could face home. He staggered off to the bathroom, came back, ordered one for the road, slammed the shot nike jordans retro glass down on the bar, and walked to the door. He lost his footing trying to open it and sprawled on the floor. I tried to help him Cheap buy nike air jordan basketball shoes up, but he kept falling over.
„Honey, you ain’t getting him nowhere like that,“ a man behind me said. „Here, let me give you a lift home.““I’d appreciate that, sir,“ I said. „If it’s not out of your way.“Some of the other regulars helped the man and me load Dad into the bay of the man’s pickup. We propped Dad up against a tool chest. It was late afternoon in early spring, the light was beginning to fade, and nike air jordan people on McDowell Street were locking up their shops and heading home. Dad started singing one of his favorite songs.
Swing low, sweet chariotComing for to carry me home.
Dad had a fine baritone, with strength an nike jordans retro 4 d timbre and range, and despite being tanked, he sang that hymn like the roof-raiser it is.
I looked over Jordan, and what did I seeComing for to carry me home?
A band of angels coming after meComing for to carry me home.
I climbed in next to the driver. On the way home梬ith Dad still singing away in the back, extending the word. „low“ so long he sounded like a mooing cow梩he man asked me about school. I told him I was studying hard because I wanted to become either a veterinarian or a geologist s nike air jordans retro pecializing in the Miocene period, when the mountains out west were formed. I was telling him how geodes w nike jordans for kids ere created from bubbles in lava when he interrupted me. „For the daughter of the town drunk, you sure got big plans,“ he said.
„Stop the truck,“ I said. „We can make it on our own from here.““Aw, now, I didn’t mean nothing by that,“ he said. „And you know you ain’t getting him nike jordans cheap home on your own.“Still, he stopped. I opened the pickup’s tailgate and tried to drag Dad out, but the man was right. I couldn’t do it. So I climbed back in next to the driver, folded my arms across my chest, and stared straight ahead. When we reached 93 Little Hobart Street, he helped me pull Dad out.
„I know you took offense at what I said,“ the man told me. „Thing is, I meant it as a compliment.“Maybe I should have thanked him, but I just waited until he drove off, and then I called Brian to help me get Dad up the hill and into the house.
nike jordans release dates * * *A couple of months after Erma died, Uncle Stanley fell asleep in the bas nike jordans ement while reading comic books and smoking a cigarette. The big clapboard house burned to the ground, but Grandpa and Stanley got out alive, and they moved into a windowless two-room apartment in the basement of an old house around the hill. The drug dealers who’d lived there before had spray-painted curse words and psychedelic patterns on the walls and the ce cheap nike jordans iling pipes. The landlord didn’t paint over them, and neither did Grandpa and Stanley.
Grandpa and Uncle Stanley did have a working bathroom, so every weekend som

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