One of the narratives says

en, he marched away fromthe sickly seaboard into the interior. The simple natives were astonishedby the display of cavalry and other men in armor. After a few days of adelightful march, in the beauty of spring in that country, he entered uponthe long cheap nike air max sought Cibao. He relinquished his first idea of founding anothercity here, but did build a fortress called St. Thomas, in joking referencetoCedoand others, who had asserted that these regions produced no gold.
While building this fortress, as it was proudly called, he sent a youn nike air max canada gcavalier named Luxan for further exploration.
Luxan returned with stories even greater than they had heard of before,but with no gold, „because he had no orders to do so.“ He had found ripegrapes. And at last they had found a region called Cipangi, cipansignifying stone. This name recalled the memory of Cipango, or Japan.
With tidings as encouraging as this, Columbus returned to his city. Heappointed his brother and Pedro Margarita governors of the city, and leftwith three ships for the further exploration of Cuba, which he had le nike air max 2013 ft nike air max onl cheap nike air max trainers ypartly examined in his first voyage. He believed that it was the mainlandof Asia. And as has been said, such was his belief till he died, and that ofhis countrymen. Cuba was not known to be an island for many yearsafterwards. He was now again in the career which pleased him, a cheap nike air max nd forwhich he was fitted. He was always ill at ease in administering a colony,or ruling the men who were engaged in it. He was happy and contentedwhen he was discovering. He had been eager to follow the southern coastof Cuba, as nike air max 90 sale he had followed the north in his first voyage. And now he hadhis opportunity. Having commissioned his brother Diego and Margaritaand appointed also a council of four other gentlemen, he sailed to explorenew coasts, on the twenty-fourth of April.
He was soon tempted from his western course that he might examineJamaica, nike air max sale o f which he saw the distant lines on the south. „This island,“ saysthe account of the time, „is larger than Sicily. It has only one mountain,which rises from the coast on every side, little by little, until you come to the middle of the island and the ascent is so gradual nike air max 1 that, whether you riseor descend, you hardly know whether you are rising or descending.“Columbus found the island well peopled, and from what he saw of thenatives, thought them more ingenious, and better artificers, than anyIndians he had seen before. But when he proposed to land, they generallyshowed themselves prepared to resist him. He therefore deferred a fullexamination of the island to his return, and, with the first favorable win nike air max 90 d,pressed on toward the southern coast of Cuba. He insisted on calling thisthe „Golden Chersonesus“ of the East. This n nike air max 95 ame had been given by theold geographers to the peninsula now known as Malacca.
Crossing the narrow channel between Jamaica and Cuba, he begancoasting that island westward. If the reader will examine the map, he willfind many small keys and islands south of Cuba, which, before any survey nike air max classic had been made, seriously retarded his westward course. In every case hewas obliged to make a separate examination to be sure where the realcoast of the island was, all the time believing it was the continent of Asia.
One of the narratives says, with a pardonable exaggeration, that in all

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