soon beheld him agai

ntion, Therese, let me proceed to rectify your ideas.
„The wasting of the seed destined to perpetuate the human species, dear girl, is the only crime which can exist such is the hypothesis; according to it, this seed is put in us for the sole purpose of reproduction, and if that were true I would grant you that diverting it is an offense. But nike air max 1 once it is demonstrated that her situatingthissemen in our loins is by no means enough to warrant supposing that Nature’s purpose is to have all of cheap nike air max it employed for reproduction, what then does it matter, Therese, whether it be spilled in one place or in another? Does the man who diverts it perform a greater evil than Nature who does not employ all o nike air max 90 f it? Now, do not those natural losses, which we can imitate if we please, occur in an abundance of instances? Our very ability to provoke them, firstly, is an initial proof that they do not offend Nature in the slightest. It would be nike air max 2013 contrary to all the equity and profound wisdom we everywhere recognize in her laws for them to permit what might affront her; secondly, those losses occur a hundred hundred million times every day, and she instigates them herself; nocturnal pollutions, the inutility of semen during the periods of woman’s pregnancy, are they not authorized by h nike air max classic er laws, enjoined by them, and do th nike air max canada ey not prove that, very little concerned for what may result from this liquid to which we so foolishly atta cheap nike air max trainers ch a disproportionate value, she permits us its waste with the same indifference she herself causes it every day to be wasted; she tolerates reproduction, yes, but much is wanting to prove reproduction is one of her intentions; she lets us go ahead with our reproducing to be sure, but it being no more cheap nike air max to her advantage than our abstaining therefrom, the choice we happen to make is as one to her. Is it not clear that leaving us the power to create, not to create, or to destroy, we will not delight her at all or disappoint her any more by adopting towa nike air max rd the one or the other the attitude which suits us best; and what could be more self-evident than that the course we choose, being but the result of her power over us and the influence upon us of her actions, will far more surely please than it will risk offending her. Ah, Therese ! believe me, Nature frets very little over those mysteries we are great enough fools to turn into worship of her. Whatever be the temple at which one sacrifices, immediately she allows incense to be burned there, one can be sure the homage offends her in no wise; refusals to produce, nike air max sale waste of the semen employed in production, the obliterati nike air max 90 sale on of that seed when it has germinated, the annihilation of that germ even long after its formation, all those, Therese, are imaginary crimes which are of no interest to Nature and at which she scoffs as she does at all the rest of our institutions which offen nike air max 95 d more often than they serve her.“
Coeur-de-fer waxed warm while expounding his perfidious maxims, and I soon beheld him agai

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