They ask questions and I answer

rk, realizin nike air max 95 g I’d experienced the more or less normal muscular contraction known as themyoclonic jerk. Is this what it’s like, a nike air max classic brupt, peremptory? Shouldn’t death, I thought, be a swan dive, graceful,white-winged and smooth, leaving the surface undisturbed?
Blue jeans tumbled in the dryer.
We ran into Murray Jay Siskind at the supermarket. His basketheldgeneric food and drink, nonbrand items in plainwhite packages nike air max 90 with simple labeling. There was a white can labeled CANNED PEACHES. There was a whitepackage of bacon without a plastic window for viewing a representative slice. A jar of roasted nuts had a whitewrapper bearing the words IRREGULAR PEANUTS. Murray kept nodding to Babette as I introduced them.
‘This is the new austerity,“ he said. „Flavorless packaging. It appeals to me. I feel I’m not only saving money butcontributing to some kind of spiritual consensus. It’s like World War HI. Everything is white. They’ll take our brightcol nike air max canada ors away and use them in the war effort.“He was staring into Babette’s eyes, picking up items from our cart and smelling them.
„I’ve bought these peanuts before. They’re round, cubical, pockmarked, seamed. Broken peanuts. A nike air max lot of dust at thebottom of the jar. But they taste good. Most of all cheap nike air max trainers I like the packages themselves. You were right, Jack. This is thelast avant-garde. Bold new forms. The power to shock.“A woman fell into a rack of paperback books at the front of the store. A heavyset man emerged from the raisedcubicle in the far corner and moved warily toward her, head tilted to get a clearer sightline. A checkout girl said,“Leon, parsley,“ and he answered as he approached cheap nike air max the fallen woman, „Seventy-nine.“ His breast pocket wascrammed with felt-tip pens.
„So then you cook at the rooming house,“ Babette sa nike air max 2013 id.
„My room is zoned for a hot plate. I’m happy there. I read the TV listings, I read the ads in Ufologist Today. I want toimmerse myself in American magic and dread. My seminar is going well. The students are bright and responsive.
They ask questions and I answer them. They jot down notes as nike air max sale I speak. It ‘s quite a surprise in my life.“He picked up our bottle of extra-strength pain reliever and sniffed along the rim of the child-proof cap. He smelledour honeydew melons, our bottles of club soda and ginger ale. Babette went down the frozen food aisle, an area mydoctor had advised me to stay out of.
„Your wife’s hair is a living wonder,“ Murray said, looking closely into my face as if to communicate a deepeningrespect for me based on this new information.
„Yes, it is,“ I said.
„Sh nike air max 1 e has important hair.““I think I know what you mean.““I hope you appreciate that woman.““Absolutely.““Because a woman like that doesn’t just happen.““I know it.““She must be good with children. More than that, I’ll bet she’s great to have around in a family tragedy. She’d be thetype to take control, show strength and affirmati nike air max 90 sale on.““Actually she falls apart. She fell apart when her mother died.““Who wouldn’t?““She fell apart when Steffie called from camp with a broken bone in her hand. We had to drive all night. I foundmyself on a lumber company road. Babette weeping.““Her daughter, far away, among strang cheap nike air max ers, in pain. Who wouldn’t?““Not her daughter. My daughter.““Not even her own daughter.““No.““Extraordinary. I have to love it.“The three of us left together, trying to maneuver our shopping carts between the paperback books scattered across theentrance. Murray wheeled one of our carts into the parking lot and then helped us heave and push all ourdouble-bagged merchandise into the back of the station wagon. Cars

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