all the others went to him and

ned things (and I had not consented totake the skein of cotton, though he wished to give it to me), all the others went to him and thought it a great wonder, and it seemed to them that wewere good people, and that the other man, who had fled, had done us someharm, and that therefore we were carry cheap nike air max trainers ing him off. And this was why Itreated the other man as I did, commanding himtobe released, and gavehim the said things, so that they might nike air max 90 sale have this opinion of us, and so thatanother time, w nike air max 95 hen your Highnesses send here again, they may be welldisposed. And all that I gave him was not worth four maravedis.“Columbus had set sail at ten o’clock for a „large island“ he mentions,which he called Fernandina, where, from the tales of the Indian captives,he expected to find gold. Half way between this island and Santa Maria,he met with „a man alone in an almadia which was passing“ [from oneisland to the nike air max other], „and he was carrying a little of their bread, as big asone’s fist, and a calabash of water and a piece of red earth made into dust,and then kneaded, and some dry leaves, which must be a thing muchvalued among th nike air max 90 em, since at San Salvador they brought them to me as apresent.[*] And he had a little basket of their sort, in which he had a stringof little glass bells and two blancas, by which I knew that he came fromthe Island of San Salvador. * * * He came to the nike air max 1 ship; I took him on board,for so he asked, and made him put his almadia in the ship, and keep all hewas carrying. And I commanded to give him bread and honey to eat, andsomething to drink.
[*] Was this perhaps tobacco?
„And thus I will take him over to Fernandina, and I will give him allhis property so that he may give good accounts of us, so that, nike air max 90 if it pleaseour Lord, when your Highnesses send there, those who come may receivehonor, and they may give us of all they have.“Columbus continued sailing for the island he named Fernandina, nowcalled Inagua Chica. Ther nike air max 1 e was a calm all day and he did not arrive in timeto anchor safely before dark. He therefore waited till morning, andanchored nike air max classic near a town. Here the man had gone, who had been picked upthe day before, and he had given such good accounts that all night long theship had been boarded by almadias, bringing supplies. Columbus directedsome trifle to be given to each of the islanders, and that they should begiven „honey of sugar“ to eat. He sent the ship’s boat ashore for water and the inhabitants not only pointed it out but helped to put the water-casks onboard.
„This people,“ he says, „is like those of the nike air max aforesaid islands, and hasthe same speech and the same customs, except that these se cheap nike air max em to me asomewhat more domestic race, and more intelligent. * * * And I saw alsoin this island cotton cloths made like mantles. * * *“It is a very green island and flat and very fertile, and I have no doubtthat all the year through they sow panizo (panic-grass) and harvest it, andso with everything else. And I saw many trees, of very different form fromours, and many of them which had branches of many sorts, and all on onetrunk. And one branch is of one sort and one of another, and so differentthat it is the greatest wonder in the world. * * * One branch has its leaveslike canes, and another like the lentisk; and so on one tree five or six ofthese kinds; and all so different. Nor are they grafted, for it might be saidthat grafting d cheap nike air max oes it, but they grow on the mountains, nor do these peoplecare for them. * * *“Here the fishes are so different from ours that it is wonderful. Thereare some like cocks of the finest colors in the world, blue, yellow, red andof all colors, and others painted in a thousand ways. And the colors are sofine that there is no man who does not wonder at them and take greatpleasure in seeing them. Also, t nike air max sale here are whales. As for wild creatures onshore, I saw none of any sort, except parrots and lizards; a boy told methat he saw a gr

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