his life saying good-bye to other people

t’s think about that. Let’s examine the nature of the beast, so to speak. The male animal. Isn’t there a fund, a pool,a reservoir of potential violence in the male psyche? nike air max 90 „“In theory I suppose there is.““We’re talking theory. That’s exactly what we’re talking. Two friends on a tree-shaded street. What else but theory?
Isn’t there a deep field, a sort of crude oil depositthat onemight tap if and when the occasion warrants? cheap nike air max A great darklake of male rage.“‘That’s what Babette says. H nike air max sale omicidal rage. You sound like her.““Amazing lady. Is she right or wrong?““In theory? She’s probably right.““Isn’t there a sludgy region you’d rather not know about? A remnant of some prehistoric period when dinosaursroamed the earth and men fought with flint tools? When to kill was to live?““Babette talks about male biology. Is it biology or geology?““Does it matter, Jack? We only want to know whether it is there, buried in the most prudent and unassum nike air max 95 ing soul.““I suppose so. It can be. It depends.““Is it or isn’t it there?““It’s there, Murray. So what?““I only want to hear you say cheap nike air max it. That’s all. I only want to elicit truths you already possess, truths you’ve always knownat some basic level.““Are you saying a dier can become a killer?““I’m only a visitin nike air max g lecturer. I theorize, I take walks, I admire the trees and houses. I have my students, my rentedroom, my TV set. I pick out a word here, an image there. I admire the lawns, the porches. What a wonderful thing aporch is. How did I live a life without a porch to sit on, up till now? I speculate, I reflect, I take constant notes. I amhere to think, to see. Let me warn you, Jack. I won’t let up.“We passed my st cheap nike air max trainers reet and walked up the hill to the campus.
„Who’s your doctor?““Chakravarty,“ I said.
„Is he good?““How would I know?““My shoulder separates. An old sexual injury.““I’m afraid to see him. I put the printout of my death in the bottom drawer nike air max 1 of a dresser.““I know how you feel. But the tough part is yet to come. You’ve said good-bye to everyone but yourself. How does aperson say good-bye to himself? It’s a juicy existential dilemma.““It certainly is.“We walked past the administration building.
„I hate to be the one who says it, Jack, but there’s something that has to be said.““What?““Better nike air max classic you than me.“I nike air max 1 nodded gravely. „Why does this have to be said?““Because friends have to be brutally honest with each other.
I’d feel terrible if I didn’t tell you what I was thinking, especially at a time like this.““I appreciate it, Murray. I really do.““Besides, it’s part of the universal experience of dying. Whether you think about it consciously or not, you’re aware atsome level that people are walking around sayi nike air max 90 ng to themselves, ‘Better him than me.’ It’s only na nike air max 90 sale tural. You can’tblame them or wish them ill.““Everyone but my wife. She wants to die first.““Don’t be so sure,“ he said.
We shoo nike air max k hands in front of the library. I thanked him for his honesty.
„That’s what it all comes down to in the end,“ he said. „A person spends his life saying good-bye to other people.
How does he say good-bye to

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