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an adult education program, belongs to a group of volunteers who read to the blind.
Once a week she reads to an elderly man named Tr nike air max 95 ead nike air max well who lives on the edge of town. He is known as Old ManTreadwell, as if he were a landmark, a rock formation or brooding swamp. She reads to him from the NationalEnquirer, the National Examiner, the National Express, the Globe,theWorld, the Star. The old fellow demands hisweekly dose of cult mysteries. Why deny him? The point is that Babette, nike air max 90 sale whatever she is doing, makes me feelsweetly rewarded, bound up with a full-souled woman, a lover of day cheap nike air max light and dense life, the miscellaneousswarming air of families. I watch her nike air max 1 all the time doing things in measured sequence, skillfully, with cheap nike air max trainers seeming ease,unlike my former wives, who had a tendency to feel estranged from the objective world—a self-absorbed andhigh-strung bunch, with ties to the intelligence community.
„It’s not the station wagons I wanted to see. What are the people like? Do the women wear plaid skirts, cable-knitsweaters? Are the men in hacking jackets? What’s a hacking jacket?““They’ve grown comfortable with their money,“ I said. „They genuinely believe they’re entitled to it. This convic nike air max classic tiongives them a kind of rude health. They glow a little.““I have trouble imagining death at that income level,“ she said.
„Maybe there is no death as we know it. Just documents changing hands.““Not that we don’t have a station wagon ourselves.““It’s small, it’s metallic gray, it nike air max 90 has one whole rus nike air max 90 ted door.““Where is Wilder?“ she said, routinely panic-str cheap nike air max icken, calling out to the child, one of hers, sitting motionless on histricycle in the backyard.
Babette and I do our talking in the kitchen. The kitchen and the bedroom are the major chambers around here, thepower haunts, the sources. She and I are alik nike air max sale e in this, that we regard the rest of the house as storage space forfurniture, toys, all the unused objects of earlier marriages and different sets of children, the gifts of lost in-laws, thehand-me-downs and rummages. Things, boxes. Why do these possessions carry such sorrowful weight? There is adarkness attached to them, a foreboding. They make me wary not of personal failure and defeat but of somethi nike air max ngmore general, something large in scope and content.
She came in with Wilder an nike air max 1 d seated him on the kitchen counter. Denise and Steffie came downstair

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