sitting on abandoned

a women’s hostel where she had been livin nike air max g. That first night I woke up at three a.m. and saw the sky all lit up a bright orange. I wondered if there was a big fire somewhere, but in the morning Lori told me that the orange glow came from the air pollution refrac nike air max classic ting the light off the streets and buildings. The night sky here, she said, always had that color. Whatitmeant was that in New York, you could never see the stars. But Venus wasn’t a star. I wondered if I’d be able to see it.
The very next day, I landed a job at a hamburger joint on Fourteenth Street nike air max 90 . After taxes and social cheap nike air max security, I’d be taking home over eighty dollars a week. I had spent a lot of time imagining what New York would be like, but the one thing th nike air max 1 at had never occurred to me was that the opportunities would come so easily. Aside from having to wear those embarrassing red-and-yellow uniforms with matching floppy hats, I loved the job. The lunch and dinner rushes were always exciting, with the lines backing up at the counter, the cashiers shouting orders over the microphones, the grill guys shoveling hamburgers through the flame-broiling conveyer belt, everyone running from the fixings counter to the drinks station to the infrared fries warmer, staying on top of the orders, the manager jumping in to cheap nike air max help whenever a crisis cropped up. We got 20 percent off on our meals, and for the first few weeks there, I had a chees nike air max 90 eburger and a chocolate milk shake every day for lunch.
* * *In the middle of the summer, Lori found us an apartment in a neighborhood we could afford梩 nike air max he South Bronx. The yellow art deco building must have been p cheap nike air max trainers retty fancy when it opened, but now graffiti covered the outside walls, a nike air max 1 n nike air max 95 d the cracked mirrors in the lobby were held together with duct tape. Still, it had what Mom called good bones.
Our apartment was bigger than the entire house on Little Hobart Street, and way fancier. It had shiny oak parquet floors, a foyer with two steps leading down into the living room梬here I slept梐nd, off to the side, a bedroom that became Lori’s. We also had a kitchen with a nike air max sale working refrigerator and a gas stove that had a pilot light, so you didn’t need matches to get it going, you just turned the dial, listened to the clicking, then watched the circle of blue flame flare up through the tiny holes in the burner. My favorite room was the bathroom. It had a black-and-white tile floor, a toilet that flushed with a powerful whoosh, a tub so deep you could submerge yourself completely in it, and hot water th nike air max 90 sale at never ran out.
It didn’t bother me that the apartment was in a rough neighborhood; we’d always lived in rough neighborhoods. Puerto Rican kids hung out on the block at all hours, playing music, dancing, sitting on abandoned

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