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nded, al nike air max l the company knelt and united in chanting the „TeDeum,“ „We Praise Thee, O God.“ Las Casas, describing the joy and hopeof that occasion says, „it seems as if they had a foretaste of the joys ofparadise.“It would seem as if those whose duty it is to prepare fit celebrations ofthe periods of the great discovery, could hardly do better than to produceon the twenty-fourth ofApril,1893, a reproduction of the solemn pageantin which, in Barcelona, four centuries before, the Spanish courtcommemorated the great discovery.
From this time, for several weeks, a series of pageants and festivitiessurrou nike air max 1 nded him. At no other period of his life were such honors paid tohim. It was at one of the banquets, at which he was present, that theincident of nike air max 90 the egg, so often told in connecti nike air max 95 on with the great discovery, took place. A flippant courtier–of that large class of people who stay athome when great deeds are done, and afterwards depreciate the doers ofthem–had the impertinence to ask Columbus, if the adventure so muchpraised was not, after all, a very simple matter. He probably said „a shortvoyage of four or five weeks; was it anything more?“ Columbus replied bygiving him an egg which was on the table, and nike air max 90 sale asking him if he couldstand it on one end. He said he could not, and the other guests said thatthey could not. Columbus tapped it on the table so as to break the end ofthe shell, and the egg stood erect. „It is easy nike air max 1 enough,“ he said, „when anyone has shown you how.“It is well to remember, that nike air max if after years showed that the ruler of Spainwearied in his gratit cheap nike air max ude, Columbus was, at the time, welcomed with theenthusiasm which he deserved. From the very grains of gold brought homein this first triumph, the queen, Isabella, had the golden illuminationwrought of a most beautiful missal-book.
Distinguished artists decorated the book, and the portraits ofsovereigns then on the throne appear as the representations of King David,King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba and other royal personages. This bookshe gave afterwards to her grandson, Charles V, of whom it has been saidthat perhaps no man in modern times has done th nike air max 90 e world more harm.
This precious book, bearing on its gilded leaves the first fruits ofAmerica, is now preser cheap nike air max ved in the R nike air max classic oyal Library at Madrid.
The time was not occupied merely in shows and banquets. There wasno difficulty now, about funds for a second expedition. Di nike air max sale rections weregiven that it might be set forward as quickly as possible, and on animposing scale. For it was feared at court that King John of P cheap nike air max trainers ortugal, thesuccessful rival of Spain, thus far, in maritime adventure, might

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