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ive sanctuary; not one of your pleasures is unknown to us, there is not one w cheap nike air max trainers e do not know how to enjoy, but we have in addition to them our own, and it is this delicious combination which makes us of all men on earth the most sensitive to pleasure, the best created to experience it; it is this enchanting combination which renders our tastes incorrigible, which would turnusinto enthusiasts and frenetics were one to have the stupidity to punish us… which makes us worship, unto the grave itself, the charming God who enthralls us.“
Thus the Count expressed himself, celebrating his eccentri cheap nike air max cities; when I strove to speak to him of the Being to whom h nike air max 90 sale e owed everything, and of the grief such disorders caused his respectable aunt, I perceived nothing nike air max 90 in him but spleen and ill-humor and especially impatience at having to see, in such hands and for so long, riches which, he would say, already ought to nike air max 1 belong to him; I saw nothing but the most inveterate hatred for that so gentle woman, nothing but the most determined revolt against every natural sentiment. It would then be true that when in one’s tastes one has been able so formally to transgress that law’s sacred instinct, the necessary consequence of this original crime is a frightful penchant to commit every other.
Sometimes I employed the means Religion provides; almost always comforted by it nike air max 90 , I attempted to insinuate its sweetnesses into this perverse creature’s soul, more or less certain he could be restrained by those bonds were I to succeed in having him st cheap nike air max rike at the lure; but the Count did not long tolerate my use of such weapons. A decl nike air max sale ared enemy of our most holy mysteries, a stubborn critic of the purity of our dogmas, an impassioned antagonist of the nike air max idea of a Supreme Being’s existence, Monsieur de Bressac, instead of letting himself be converted by me, sought rather to work my corruption.
„All religions start from a false premise, Therese,“ he would say; „each supposes as necessary the worship of a Creator, bu nike air max 1 t that creator never existed. In this connection, put yourself in mind of the sound precepts of that certain Coeur-de-fer who, you told me, used to labor over your mind as I do; nothing more just, nor more precise, than that man’s principles, and the degradation in which we have the stupidity to keep him does not deprive him of the right to reason well.
„If all Nature’s productions are the resultan nike air max t effect nike air max classic s of the laws whereof she is a captive; if her perpetual action and reaction suppose the motion necessary to her essence, what becomes of the sovereign mast nike air max 95 er fools gratuitously give her? that is what your sagacious instructor said to you, dear girl. What, then, are religions if not the restraint wherewith the tyranny of the m

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