would have sacrificed it for

which separated us morally, nothing in the world was able to extinguish this nascent passion, and had the Count called upon me to lay down my life, I would have sacrificed it for him a thousand times over. He was far from suspecting my sentiments… cheap nike air max he was far, the ungrateful one, from divining the cause of the tears I shed every day; nevertheless, it was out o nike air max f thequestionfor him to be in doubt of my eagerness to fly to do cheap nike air max trainers his every bidding, to please him in every possible way, it could not have been he did not glimpse, did not have some inkling of my attentions; doubtless, because they were instinctive, they were also mindless, and went to the point of serving his errors, of serving them as far as decency permitted, and always of hiding them from his aunt. This behavior had in some sort won me his confidence, and all that came fro nike air max 90 sale m him was so precious to me, I was so blinded nike air max sale by the little his heart offered me, that I sometimes had the weakness to believe he was not indifferent to me. But how promptly his excessive disorders disabused me: they were such that even his health was affected. I several times took the liberty to represent to him the dangers of his conduct, he wo nike air max 1 uld hear me out patiently, then end by telling me that one does not break oneself of the vice he cherished.
„Ah, Therese!“ he exclaimed one day, full of enth cheap nike air max usiasm, „if only you knew this fantasy’s charms, if only you could understand what one experiences from the sweet illusion of being no more than a woman! incredible inconsistency I one abhors that sex, yet one wishes to imitate it! Ah! how sweet it is to succeed, Therese, how delicious it is to be a slut to everyone who would nike air max classic have to do with you and carrying delirium and prostitution to their ultimate period, successively, in the very same day, to be the mistress of a porter, a marquis, a valet, a friar, to be the beloved of each one after the other, caressed, envied, menaced, beaten, sometimes victorious in their arms, sometimes a victim and at their feet, melting t nike air max 1 hem with caresses, reanimating them with excesses…. Oh no, Therese, you do not understand what is this pleasure for a mind constructed like mine….
But, morals aside, if you are able to imagine this divine whimsy’s physical sensations, there is no wit nike air max 95 hstanding it, it is a titillation so lively, it is of so piquant nike air max a voluptuousness… one becomes giddy, one ceases to reason, stammers; a thousand kisses one more tender than the next do not inflame us with an ardor in any way appro nike air max 90 aching the drunkenness into which the agent plunges us; enlaced in his arms, our mouth glued to his, we would that our entire being were incorporated into his; we would not make but a single being with him; if we dare complain, ’tis of being neglected; we would have him, more robust than Hercules, enlarge us, penetrate us; we would have that precious semen, shot blazing to the depths of our entrails, nike air max 90 cause, by its heat and its strength, our own to leap forth into h

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