I shall make myself

ture, they considered me and applauded.
„Well, that’s enough,“ Bressac said at last, „for the time being she may get off with a fright.
„Therese,“ he continued as he untied my hands and commanded me to dress myself, „show a little judgment and come along with us; nike air max 1 if you attach yourself to me you shall never have reason to regret it. My aunt requires a second maid; I am goingto presentyou to her and, upon the basis of your story, undertake to inter nike air max 1 sale est her in you; I shall make myself answerable for your conduct; but should you abuse my kindness, were you to betray my confidence, or were you not to submit yourself to my intentions, behold these four trees, Therese, behold the plot of earth they enc cheap air max 1 ompass: it might serv nike air max 1 leopard e you for a sepulcher: bear it in mind that this dreadful place is no more than a league’s distance from the chateau to which I am going to lead you and that, upon the least provocation, I will bring you back here at once.“
I forgot my sufferings instantly, I embraced the nike air max 1 premium Count’s knees, tears streaming down my cheeks, I swore to behave myself well; but quite as insensible to my joy as to my pain,
„Let us be off nike air max 1 ,“ said Bressac, „your actions will speak for you, they alone will govern your fate.“
We advance; Jasmin and his master exchange whispered remarks; I follow them humbly, without saying a word. In less than an hour we arrive at Madame la Marquise de Bressac’s chateau, whose magnificence and the multitude of servants it contains make me see that whatever the post I must hold in the house, it w ill surely be more advantageous to me than that of drudge to Monsieur du Harpin. I am made to wait in an office where Jasmin most obligingly offers me everything conducive to my comfort. The young Count seeks out his aunt, acquaints her with what he has done, and a half-hour later himself comes to introduce me to the Marquise.
Madame de Bressac was a woman of forty-six years, still very beautiful, and who seemed highly respectable and nike air max 1 red sensible, although into her principles and remarks somewhat of austerity had entrance; for two years she had been the wi cheap nike air max 1 dow of the young Count’s uncle, who had married her without any fortune beyond the fine name he brought with him. All the riches Monsieur de Bressac was able to hope for depended cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black upon this aunt; what had come down to him from his father barely gave him the wherewithal nike air max 1 grey to buy his pleasures: to which income Madame de Bressac joined a considerable allowance, but that scarcely sufficed; nothing is so expensive as the delights to which the Count was addicted; perhaps they are purchased at a cheaper rate than others, but nike air max 1 black they far more rapidly multiply. Fifty thousand crowns was the Marquise’s revenue, and young Monsieur de Bressac was its sole heir. All efforts to induce him to find a profession or an occu nike air max 1 ebay pation had failed; he could not adapt himself to whatever diverted his attentions from libertinage. The Marquise passed three

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