found some rope under the

ow and had a pit filled with garbage, because they’d go by our dark house at night and see that we couldn’t even afford electricity.
But we alwa nike air max 1 leopard ys fought back, usually as a team. Our most spectacular fight, and our most audacious cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black tactical victory梩he Battle of Little Hobart Street梩ook place against Ernie Goad and his friends when I was ten and Brian was nine. Ernie Goad was a pug-nosed, thick-necked kid who had little eyes set practically on the sides of his head, like a whale. He acted as if it was his sworn mission to drive the Walls family out of town. It started one day when I was playing with some other kids on the tank parked next to the armory. Ernie Goad appeared cheap air max 1 and began throwing rocks nike air max 1 ebay at me and yelling that the Wallses should all leave Welch because we were stinking it up so bad.
I threw a couple of rocks back and told him to leave me alone nike air max 1 premium .
„Make me,“ Ernie said.
„I don’t make garbage,“ I shouted. „I burn it.“ This was usually a foolproof comeback, making up in scorn what it lacked in originality, but on this occasion it backfire nike air max 1 black d.
„Y’all Wallses don’t burn garbage!“ Ernie yelled back. „Y’all throw it in a hole next to your house! You live in it!“I tried to think of a comeback to his comeback, but my mind seized up because what Ernie had said was true: We did live in garbage.
Ernie stuck his face in mine. „Garbage! You live in garbage ’cause you are garbage!“I shoved him good and hard, then turned to the other kids, hoping for backup, but they were easing away and looking down, as if they cheap nike air max 1 were ashamed to have been caught playing with a girl who had a garbage pit next to her house.
* * *That Saturday, Brian and I were reading on the sofa bed when one of the windowpanes shattered and a rock landed on the floor. We ran to the door. Ernie and three of his friends were pedaling their bikes up and down Little Hobart Street, whooping madly nike air max 1 . „Garbage! Garbage! Y’all are a bunch of garbage!“Brian went out on the porch. One of the kids hurled another rock that hit Brian in the head. He staggered back, th nike air max 1 red en ran down the steps, but Ernie and his friends pedaled away, shrieking. Brian came back up the stairs, blood trickling down his cheek and onto his T-shirt and a pump knot already swelling up above his eyebrow. Ernie’s gang returned a few minutes later, throwing stones and shouting that they had actually seen the pigsty where the Walls kids lived and that they were going to tell the whole school it was even worse than everyone said.
Chapter 5
This time both Brian and I chased after them. Even though they outnumbered us, they were enjoying the game of taunting us too much to make a nike air max 1 grey stand. They rode down to the first switchback and got away.
„They nike air max 1 sale ‘ll be back,“ Bri nike air max 1 an said.
„What are we going to do?“ I asked.
Brian sat thinking, then told me he had a plan. He found some rope under the

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